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Cattails Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Speed Mining:
Written by Arctic_Fox_27

A guide to teach you my simple mining stategy.

First off, you will need plenty of food. If I might suggest, at least have three
rows of food in your inventory. I have noticed that one of the best places to find
food is at the bottom left corner of the map, at the beach area.
There is food there at all times (even winter).

Bonus points: Bring one of your kittens along (If you have kittens).
This is an easy way to help them level up.

-=Mining Basics=-
While in the mines, you will find gems, ores, rock debris, and bats. Yep. Bats. These
Dreadful creatures attack you very fast, causing you to loose health very quickly
even though they are very weak. The Overseer Mole at the mines will tell you a lot of
important things, but will not say much about bats. For that reason,
I will give you some bat fighting tactics.

* Attack, Retreat, Repeat
* Attack then dodge sideways
* Run trough the bats while attacking
* Avoid them in general (Very Difficult)

-=Speed Mining=-
Now it’s time to state the true perpose of this guide: Speed Mining. Speed Mining is
basicly when you decend the staircase as soon as you find it.
To clarify, here are the instructions.

* Dig around
* Find the staircase
* Decend the staircase without a regret in the world
* Repeat

See, it’s simple! Follow those rules and you’ll get to level 100 in a very short
period of time.

How to Find and Catch Bluejays (Useful Tips and Tricks):
Written by twinB

This guide will show some useful tricks for catching bluejays, and hopefully other
rare prey, if you know what locations you can get them at.

-=Preparing for the Hunt=-
First of all, If you want to catch bluejays, you are going to need to have the
scent compass (I believe that’s what it is called) unlocked. The scent compass will
point colored arrows to your prey (blue for bluejay) and you can go the direction of
the arrow to find your prey.

Note: I’d recommend having the active skill “Study Prey”, but that is optional.

-=Finding and Catching the Bluejay=-
Once you are prepared, go to the Fairywood, or a different location that bluejays
spawn at. Crouch near one of the sides of the Fairywood, and wait for your scent
compass to tell you what prey it is.

Ignore green / white arrows, as those will be doves and frogs. However, a light
green arrow is a turtle, so you can go ahead and get that. Blue arrows are obviously
bluejays, which are what you are looking for.

Anyways, if the arrow is not the color for what you want, exit and re-enter the
Fairywood (or another location with bluejays) and wait for the arrow to tell you what
it is, again. Repeat this until a blue arrow appears.

When the blue arrow appears, go to where it points to. If you got the “Study Prey”
active skill, then use it. If you miss the bluejay, it’s okay. You can always keep
repeating this process. When I did this, I kept missing the bluejays, but eventually
you will get one.

This strategy should work for other prey too, you just have to make sure you do it
at a location they spawn in, and that you know the arrow color.

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