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Catz 5 Cheats

Catz 5

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Get Kittens Fast:
This cheat works on catz and dogz, basicly all you do is get your petz to fall in
love, make sure they’re adults. Then when it says Kittens/Puppies are due in a few
days close the programme go down to your clock (on the comp) click on “adjust
date/time” then set the time foward about 5 days and then load the programme back
up click on your pregnant pet then they should be in the nursery.

Get Kittenz:
First of all make sure your catz are adults. then win a love potion, and spray it
on the two catz at the same time. Do it over and over again until they jump both
at the same time, then just leave them for 5-10 mins. You will always get kittenz.

Egyptian Secret:
Submitted by: Daisy

First for this trick get a Egyptian Mau cat, then get some paint, paint your Egyptian
Mau. Now click the blue/pink cat near its name to view the profile…Now “Restore
Original Colors”, now watch as it has hidden blue fur!
This trick was found by PacGuy765 on Youtube, subscribe him- NOW!

Kittens really fast:
1.After your cat is pregnat click date and time in control panel.
2.Then change it one day up.
3.Check on your cat.
4.Repeat step.

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