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Ceville Cheats


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Ceville, the tyrant and ruler of the fairy-tale realm of Faeryanis is in
danger, the peasant and citizens have revolted against his authoritarian
regime and have driven him out of the realm. The kindhearted Queen
Gwendolyn now reigns over the kingdom with a council of noble and wise
counsellors to assist her.

But the peace is not long-lasting, the treacherous Basilius – counsellor
of Gwendolyn and of Ceville before her – plans to murder queen Gwendolyn,
take the crown and subdue the realm with the help of murderous beasts he
summons from the planes of eternal darkness. All seems lost!
But hope resides with the one most unlikely person imaginable to save the
kingdom and restore peace to the realm: Ceville, the realm’s former despotic
ruler. Choose to play Ceville himself or alternatively select, Ambrosius,
the pompous and self-important knight or Lilly, a quirky, but kind and
gentle girl.

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