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Child of Light Cheats

Child of Light

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

New Game+:
Finish the game once and you’ll unlock the New Game+ mode, wherein enemies are
stronger. You’ll need to reobtain your Coffers, but you get to keep most items,
Oculi, and Confessions. Your characters will also retain their levels and skills,
though you’ll have to advance through the story and recruit them again.

General Tips:
* Try to stick to one upgrade path with each character rather than spreading
skills around.
* Feel free to switch characters out in the middle of battle. In fact, it
can save you in some of the tougher boss fights, as each character has
his/her own HP and MP totals when you switch out characters.
* This is a game in which you don’t want to waste attacks, so always use
elemental weaknesses to your advantage. If an enemy is weak to light,
then use light attacks.
* Try to have a healer in the party on a semi-regular basis. It will make
your life a lot easier.
* It may sound obvious, but know the mechanics of the game and use them
well. Slow down particularly tough enemies so you can interrupt their
attacks, and collect the lights to replenish HP/MP.

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