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Chimeraland Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips for New Players:
Written by ZixyKing

Here you can find some useful tips for newbies.

* Don’t have high expectations about this game its more focused on
creative elements than pvp.
* Focus on leveling up skills so you can gather more wood,stone,hide.
* Choose wisely your pet.
* Some pets are better than others. You will need to invest a lot of
time in “upgrading/evolving” pets. For example fairy pet (you can
obtain it after cca 50lvl) lvl 10 can easly beat horsedeer lvl 30.
* Use portal to gain more exp.
* Try to complete all necessary event quests and you will be grateful
for that.
* If you want move things in house first you will need to destroy
them->house menu/panel->claim.
* For faster traveling tame condor so you can fly aroud.
* If you want change facation you will need to complete some quests and
for changing facation you will need to pay ” facation tax” about 500jade
(you can go there without paying taxes but you will be caught and then killed).

Free Codes:
Written by Crazyfaith

5,000 Wishlists achieved : Sage*80+Cowries*1500+Rand. Lv.1 Sigils R Pack*1
Code: 4AJ455EW

8,000 Wishlists achieved: Sage*80+Cowries*2000+Maturity Pill*2
Code: 4AK6C0WQ

10,000 Wishlists achieved: Sage*80+Cowries*3000+Rand. Lv.2 Attendant skill books Pack*1
Code: 4ALYMW55

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