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Chromosome Evil Cheats

Chromosome Evil

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginner’s Guide and Tips:
Written by Porcy.

This guide will show you some of the basic but important things that you
should know before playing Chromosome Evil. Also, you will discover
valuable tips that you can use in the game.

-=Things That You Should Know=-
1.You NEED a medic and an engineer. Some objects and objectives can only
interact with them. I suggest you start with one of them and look for
the other one right away as your first action. Do not hesitate to
restart until you found your basic team.

2.Armor saves your life. It serves as a shield, and it heals over time.
That can even makes melee a viable choice to play.
(Very good in early to avoid wasting bullets)

3.Your choices during the story mission can affect greatly the enemy
generation… If you keep killing bosses and completing secondary
objectives you will face zero or close to zero “high” level enemies.

4.Don’t be afraid to use your food and/or your wood, you get tons of them
during the game and they serve very few purposes. Food is needed to buy
new soldiers (count a maximum of 50 food for a soldier) and to save your
game. Wood is used for barricades most of the time but also for some
actions in some maps/missions, usually you only need around 10 of them
to do so. Also, barricades hold much better than you would expect.

5.Soldiers, medics, and engineers have different names… and different
weapons/equipment. Some medics can heal, some will boost your accuracy
instead. Same for engineers, some can put turrets to help defend, some
have a weapon instead.

6.Intellect is crazy useful, increase it first on your medics/engineers,
they will need less time to do objectives and it gives you a few seconds
when you arrive on a map before the enemy starts coming! Late game with 6
heroes with 5 intellect each you can sometimes clean a map before the
enemy starts spawning.

7.Double check the place in story missions, you can get up upgrades that
increase your base AP each day.

8.You won’t be able to get all research/vehicle upgrades, pick carefully.
One of the research gives you up to 3 more AP per day, it’s a must-have.
As for the vehicle, more places to get a bigger team is a must-have.

9.You can pause the game after you buy a specific vehicle upgrade.
But the cost is high… Up to you.

-==The Heroes==-
Sergey D: Start with a special shotgun (cost more to upgrade but stronger
than basic shotgun) and a sword (strong melee that cost no bullets).

Mitch S: Start with a special shotgun (same as above) and a pistol.

Kivi H: Start with a shotgun and a minigun (good weapon but need a small
charge before it starts shooting and use a lot of ammo).

Hudson J: Start with an uzi and a bow (a special weapon that uses wood to
shoot). You get him when starting with a soldier.

Trent B: Start with an assault rifle and a rocket launcher (huge AOE d
amage that can hit your units too ! Needs specific targeting and rare ammo).

Marc L: Start with a shotgun and a chainsaw
(great melee damage at the cost of precious fuel).

Alan M: Start with an uzi and a shotgun.

Simon F: Start with an assault rifle and a bow.

Curtis S: Start with a pistol and equipment to make barricades.
(You get him when starting with an engineer)

Mendoza R: Start with equipment for barricades and to make turrets. No weapon!

Ulrich D: Start with equipement for barricades and to make turrets. No weapon!

Daniel S: Start with equipment to heal and equipment to buff around him. No weapon!

Alex I: Start with a pistol and equipment that gives small healing around him.
(You get him when starting with a medic).

Boris C: Start with equipment to buff around him and a pistol.

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