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Chrono Ark Cheats

Chrono Ark

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Submitted by: David K.

The Reaper (Boss Guide):
Written by windypanda1

A lot of new players have a hard time understanding Reaper’s mechanics
and lose because of it.

Every turn, Reaper casts an Attack / Summon + Death Sentence. If the same
character gets hit by Death Sentence twice, the entire party takes massive
damage and it’s usually a game over.

How do you prevent this from happening? Reaper only casts Death Sentence
on the character at the top of your hand (indicated by ?). This means you
can control who gets hit by Death Sentences. You need to prioritize not
getting hit by Death Sentence over playing the skills you want. If there
is no skills in your hand, Reaper targets a random character.

The Death Sentence mark lasts 4 turns, so your teammates need to take
turns getting hit by Death Sentence,
for example Hein->Joey->Lian->Trisha->Hein->Joey.

A little tip here is you can wait until Reaper uses his first action and
then stun him using a stun skill or a stun potion, which will prevent him
from using Death Sentence. This can give you some breathing room to work
with, but do note that this strategy is not reliable since Reaper has a
66% CC resist. Alternatively, skills such as Shadow Curtain can buy you a
turn or two.

If you drag on the fight for too long, your hand will eventually get
screwed and you will be hit by Death Sentence twice, so try to end the
fight as quickly as possible.

Summon Info: Reaper starts the battle with a Pharos Priest. Even with
follower debuff on the first few turns, it is very dangerous and can heal
the boss with Fallen Light. It is recommended that the Priest is killed
quickly so he won’t be a further hindrance. Reaper will re-summon a minion
if a minion is killed, but it is not limited to just Pharos Priest: Pharos
Tank and Pharos Assassin can also be summoned. Pharos Assassin is also
very dangerous and should be taken down quickly whereas Pharos Tank
serves as an annoyance with its Taunt Status.

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