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Chronos: Before the Ashes Cheats

Chronos: Before the Ashes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Final Boss Guide (Heroic Mode):
Written by ShockedHearts

The following is a compact guide on how to defeat the final
boss with minimum risk.

The following items are needed to make the boss easier.

* Pan Spear
(upgraded is a plus).
* Shadow Eye
(for healing properties and bonus damage when active).
* Krell Shield
(Highest block for minimum stamina loss when blocking).

Once you have these items you would want to follow these tips
to avoid damage and deal as much damage as you can safely.

Use the spear to (from a distance) stab the dragon once or twice
after every attack they do, try to keep space between the two of
you and make sure to keep in front of the dragon. He will spam
easily avoidable attacks such as Fire Breath, Claws Swipes, or
body slamming you. When he performs these try to move backwards
and to the right proceeded by quick thrusts of the spear.

Trying to stay behind the dragon is risky because he has several
attacks that will quickly swipe behind him which make it hard to
predict (as well as annoying)

If you have any trouble you can use the shadow eye ability to
heal yourself quickly by spam attacking the dragon as fast as
possible. (two birds with one stone since you heal and deal
damage.) Dragon Hearts DO NOT WORK in this boss it damages you
because I guess the dragon has control over them or something.

Also when the dragon is stunned spam attack him to boost your
shadow orb bar so you can regain it.

Lastly once the dragon is very low on HP it will do the body
slam attack BUT it will change into a running multi hit followed
by a thrust at you. I found the only way to avoid damage here
is to block with your shield. dodging never seemed to work for

This should be the safest way to defeat him and is how I plan
to get the *Old Enough* achievement.

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