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Chronotron Cheats


Level 20:
1. Get one guy to sit on the red button on the ground, until a few
seconds bomb blows.
2. Run second guy over to where the platform goes up, wait, and then sit
on the upper red button until a few seconds before bomb blows.
3. Third guy follows the second guy up. When the platform extends, make a
running jump off of it to get the play button.
4. Exit the level.

Level 23:
1. Stand one guy on the green button next to the time machine. Wait until
the bomb has gone off then exit.
2. This second guy has to move quick. First walk him off the platform then
fall to the left. Hop up over the steps to hit the button on the far left.
Wait until the bomb falls, then jump up on it and get play button.
3. Pick up bomb and place it just after the steps. Use the bomb as a step to
get up and over, then stand on the red button on the middle step.
The bomb will get moved.
4. Pick up bomb drop it on the red button at far right, then jump quickly on
the platform.
5. The bomb will blow, releasing the barrier that blocks you, and giving you
just enough time to jump from the platform over to the time machine.

Level 29:
Robot #1:
-Move immediately to the left and stand on the platform.
-Wait a couple of seconds, then jump!
-Return to the time machine and enter.

Robot #2:
-Move immediately over to the red switch on the right and jump on it.
(Robot #1 should already be standing on the platform on the left).
-When Robot #1 jumps and catches the Pause chip, be ready to click the
PAUSE control to stop time when the block has fallen about half way.
-Now jump up onto the block and by jumping again you should be able to
-Make sure you don’t fall down the hole!
-Return to the time machine and enter.

Level 31:
1. Have first guy stand on second from left green button for about 5 seconds.
2. Have second guy wait next to first green button. Wait until platform is under
the upper right box, then step on button. Stay until timer is at 15 seconds.
3. For the third guy, follow the first guy over, but wait next to third green
button from left. Once box is on platform, and has been moved over the space
in the top, jump on third button. Wait until the platform has disappeared and
the box drops into the hole. Then jump over to the right to get the box that
has dropped from the upper right platform. Grab it quick, then run over to
the hole and fall in. Get play button and drop second box on top of the one
that fell in before. You won’t be able to see it, so remember where it fell.
Climb up boxes and exit.

Level 34:
1. use the first man to put both blocks on the lift, then go back and stand on the
first button until 15 seconds, then move off until 20 seconds, then back on until
30 seconds.
2. the second man goes directly to the lift. when the lift goes up, move both blocks
over the seesaw, one on each side. then go back to the lift. when it goes down,
stand on the second button. do not get off of that button until the first man leaves
his button.
3. the third man goes directly to the lift and stays there. when the first and second
men are on the buttons, the horizontal door will open, and the boxes will seesaw,
switching the hammers. move through them to get the card, then go back to the lift.
When the first 2 men leave their buttons, the lift will drop and you’re done.

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