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Chuzzle Deluxe Cheats

Chuzzle Deluxe

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Mason Canuhe

Hidden Secret:
This hidden secret in Chuzzle only works if you have the following trophies in
your trophy room: 7 At Once, Brainiac, Triple Combo, & Puzzler.
Go to your trophy room. Click on the Triple Combo trophy. A gold star should
be in the top right corner. Then, click the Brainiac trophy. 2 stars should
be in the corner. Next, click the Puzzler trophy. There should now be 3 stars.
Once you click the Seven At Once trophy, 4 stars will be in the corner.

There will be a message that says BECHUZZED GAME UNLOCKED! On the main menu,
a spinning portal at the bottom of the screen, when clicked, directs you to
the Bechuzzed version of Chuzzle. Bejeweled & Chuzzle put together!

Submitted by: Hrishikesh Bawa

If u can’t seem to get a match, do not use the hint option, as it will decrease
the amount of ‘Chuzzle Essence’ in ur beaker! In stead be patient and u will see
that the chuzzle u need to move will give a violent shiver!

Finding moves:
If you cannot find a move, wait. A Chuzzle that can move will either wobble, or
roll its eyes at you.

Finding matches:
Do not use the “Hint” option, as this decreases the “Chuzzle Essence” in your
beaker. Instead, stay patient and you will eventually find the Chuzzle that
must be moved.

Dizzy Chuzzles:
Drag a row back and forth repeatedly. The chuzzles in that row will get dizzy,
and make little noises.

Annoyed Chuzzle:
Hold the mouse over a Chuzzle for a long time to annoy it. First it frowns, then
it kicks the mouse away.

Sneezing Chuzzle:
Keep clicking on an ordinary Chuzzle. First it makes giggling sounds, then it
sneezes softly, and finally sneezes so hard that its fur falls out. The fur
grows back in a few seconds.

Belching Chuzzle:
Keep clicking on a big Chuzzle. First it giggles in a deeper voice, then looks
like it is going to vomit. Keep clicking to make it belch loudly.

Sleeping Chuzzles:
Do not move for about ten minutes. The Chuzzles will fall asleep, and you will
see “Z” floating above their heads.

Submitted by: Gavin
Email : friend.of.kashibak@gmail.com

If you read the first message, it will tell you how to get BeChuzzled.
It is WRONG! I just did this on my computer:
You must have the Triple Combo, Brainiac, Puzzler, Ten Grand, and 7 at Once
Trophies unlocked.

-=Don’t want to earn those trophies?=-
Go into your My Computer Folder, your hard drive, then
/program files/popcap games/chuzzle deluxe/profiles/*Your Profile Name*/.
Then, open INFO.CFG in Notepad (Open with dialogue is shown).

Go to where is says stuff like T16=Recieved May 14, 2008 at 11:10pm.

Add numbers T1-T20 (After the = sign, you can put whatever you want, or nothing
at all!) Start up Chuzzle again, and view your trophy room. Click the Triple
Combo, then put it away (Click it again). You will see a gold star come up on
the top LEFT hand side of the screen. Next, click the Brainiac trophy and put
it away. Two stars appear. Next, click the Puzzler trophy. Put it away and you
get another star! Click the 10 Grand trophy and you will see four stars!
This is now the last step: Click the 7 at once trophy, and in big capital
letters across your screen, it will tell you that “BECHUZZLED HAS BEEN UNLOCKED!”

Go back to the main menu and you will see a new spinning orb in the center
at the bottom of the menu. BeChuzzled is a mix of Chuzzle and Bejewled, that
plays like Chuzzle, but looks like Bejeweled. Why did they put these together?
PopCap Games made both of them of course!

Anyway, share this cheat with all your friends and see their reactions when
they realize that you AREN’T lying about a different version of Chuzzle!

Enjoy it and if you get into any problems, just drop me an email at the address
above!Thanks, Gavin

Submitted by: byron

Instead of cheating and entering your profile by opening the sorce code and changing
it so you can get the trophies you can also adjust how many super chuzzles you pop
and big chuzzles, change your score from 25 chuzzles popped to 1025. under your

Submitted by: gill Salim

I want to add to Gavin’s cheat for the ‘Bechuzzled’. I found I had to add T=1to T26,
to get all the necessary trophies. It didn’t work for me first time, so try doing
gavin’s cheat when you first log on and haven’t opened Chuzzle yet – that seemed
to work for me.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding trophy.

Big Boy – Spar all Fat Chuzzles in a game
Brainiac – Play an entire game without using hints
Chuzz 10! – Reach level 10 in Classic or Speed Chuzzle
Chuzzbomber! – Pop 1,000 Super Chuzzles
Chuzzle Bingo! – Pop across the entire board with one color
Eight at Once! – Pop eight or more Chuzzles as one group
Fat Blaster – Pop 1,000 Fat Chuzzles
Flawless! – Play an entire game without a bad move
Hundred Grand! – Pop 100,000 Chuzzles
Lockmaster! – Remove three or more locks in one sweep
Mentalist Master – Reach level 20 in Mind Bender
Mentalist Supremo – Solve all Mind Bender Puzzles
Million Chuzzle Man! – Pop 1,000,000 Chuzzles
Psychic – Solve all puzzles through level 10 in Mind Bender
Puzzler – Reach level 10 in Mind Bender
Quad Boomer – Explode four Super Chuzzles at once
Quad Combo! – Make a quadruple combo
Reactor! – Cause a seven-step cascade
Seven at Once! – Pop seven Chuzzles as one group
Speed Demon! – Complete Speed level 5 without getting a lock
Speed Freak! – Complete two Speed levels without getting a lock
Speed Master! – Complete two speed levels without getting a warning
Ten Grand! – Pop 10,000 Chuzzles
Triple Boomer – Explode three Super Chuzzles at once
Triple Combo! – Make a triple combo
Trophy Collector! – Earn all other trophies

Bechuzzled mini-game:
Bechuzzled is the same format as Chuzzle, but instead the Chuzzles have been replaced
by jewels. In order to enter the code you must first have the following trophies
unlocked. At the Chuzzle main menu, go to the trophy room. Once there select the
following five trophies in order by clicking each one once to pop it up, then click it
again to minimize it.

The trophies in order are: Triple Combo, Brainiac, Puzzler, Ten Grand, and Seven at Once.
Each correct entry will be denoted by a star in the upper left-hand corner.

Chuzzle Essence:
If u can’t seem to get a match, do not use the hint option, as it will decrease the
amount of ‘Chuzzle Essence’ in ur beaker! In stead be patient and u will see that the
chuzzle u need to move will give a violent shiver!

Unlock all trophies:
Submitted by: : Lazar Adrian Junior

Open ‘My Computer’/(your hard drive)/…/Chuzzle Deluxe/users/(your profile name).
Open INFO.cfg with notepad and type at the end:
T1=Earned: Cheated
T2=Earned: Cheated
T3=Earned: Cheated

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