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CityBattle – Virtual Earth Cheats

CityBattle – Virtual Earth

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Introduction: Guard:
Written by V

A short how-to manual about raining destruction, defending objectives and synergizing
with your teammates using this gatling gun toting mini-mech.

-=Core Mechnics=-
Don’t let the name and bulky chassis confuse you. This samurai-looking bad boy is able
to attack and push with extreme ferocity all on his own if macro’d properly along with
his abilities even against groups of other hostile Guards, campy Snipers, smokey Firebugs,
pesky flanking bomb dropping Sabateurs and even able to catch up and distract the most
elusive of Techs. The secret? Turtling and Bunny. Basically when you select this robot
type you’re presented with 2 tactical options you’re supposed to mix up with general
gameplay these options being: Destroyer, Defender.

Try to focus less on the teammates around you.
Attack objectives but try to flank and take out the weakest enemies first. There’s no
need to spearhead an offensive and/or waste time being a bulwark or pounding the opposite
team’s tank be it a Firebug or Guard. Always keep a backup Charge in case you need to
make a retreat, also remember to zig and zag when using it because chances are the moment
you turn blue with jet boosters the enemy will anticipate it or the trajectory.
Never use laser unless it’s upgraded otherwise it would just lower your DPS output and
make you slower thus making you even more vulnerable and unable to finish off someone,
if you’re out of ammo, jump around and reload, it’s better.
Best used when there’s already another Guard on your team or when you mix it with Defender
depending on the situational necessity when it comes to objective management.

Always lead a group of one-two or more teammates, by lead I don’t mean make them follow
you just be ahead of them constantly but not too far ahead so they can’t help you or you
them. The idea is that if someone is gonna take damage first it’s you.
Manage incoming damage by knowing when to put up your shields but take the off so they
quickly recharge between engagements or shootouts. Basically just keep an eye on the blue
bar at the lower middle part of you hud because that’s how much damage you’re able to soak
up before it pops. The good thing about it is that whenever you quickly put them down they
can recharge quicker and every bit of that bar being full means more survivability for you
and the teammates who can duck behind your shield. Sounds easy and obvious but shields
being down is a green light for enemy Snipers and Sabs to pop your head or zap you with a
grenade so keep in mind who might be around that corner even if nobody is being detected/
red outlines. You can even do this mid-fights if people aren’t focusing you for some reason
which tends to happen from time to time and can turn the tide in your teams favor.
Look around constantly for traps,flankings or cloak Snipes then adjust accordingly.

Naturally the best thing to do is to learn to do both these things at the same time and
mix them up depending on what’s happening. Team losing? Switch more to Defender.
Team winning? Pound the enemy with Destroyer.

Allies’ robots and how they work with Guard.

If you’ve played TF2 you’d recognize this combo, basically stay infront of a Tech while
she heals and turn back from time to time to see if she’s getting attacked because it’s
logical for the enemy to go after the healer first and finish you last. If there’s people
flanking or behind you turn around and run up to the tech so she can duck behind shields
if the space is too tight. If it’s too open make sure you’re in the way of any shot
openings a sniper could take or where Bomber’s grenades will be falling to

If you have a teammate that can actually aim and the map objective is to take out enemy
data carriers the best thing you can do is stand next to a Sniper, turn up shields and
let them Snipe with impunity to incoming suppressive fire or scare away Firebugs who
would want to toast them.

-=Assault and Bomber=-
They benefit alot if you manage to make the enemy focus you down because of how their
weapons and abilities work. If you’re fighting a big group of enemies who might even
have decent heals or too much firepower then A and/or B’s would be the ones to help you
finish them off or scatter them.

These two are actually pretty independent but again they would appreciate if you stayed
alive long enough for them to do their blitz abilities. Might even manage to finish off
any stragglers if you happen to die so the fight won’t be entirely lost.

-=Tips and Tricks=-
The alt-fire function on the minigun makes it fire faster and do more damage but it slows
you down and prevents you from jumping and increases bullet spread so it’s hard to kill at
long ranges. It’s a somewhat quick wind up so use it whenever you get swarmed or want to
clear a room or hop from one hot place to another. If you’re outdoors = don’t windup as
much because you can even take out far away targets if they’re low HP or flying away too
fast e.g like squishy enemy snipers that are looking away or busy shooting your teammates
instead of you. Indoors or tight spaces = Cheese them with alt-fire mode, the increased
bullet spread will also help you distribute the pain better.

You can jump around without windup. Yes, Guard is a…. big slow robot but jumping and
strafing can still help you avoid some AOE projectile damage like from Bomber’s grenade
spam, sway enemy sniper’s aim, be more harder for tracking hitscan weapon classes/robots
to apply damage and so forth. If you can keep your crosshair on the target that is, but
it will help with practice which will carry over to other classes/robots e.g scoped Sniper
jumping and firing for close range survivability and long or close range open 1v1 duels.

When fighting other Guards with their shields up as well, Charge or run up to them with
alt-fire mode on you will bypass the shields and suprise them. Aim for the head because it
deals slightly more damage so you might end up surviving if you didn’t use the charge stun.
Always keep running to them even if you’re hugging them because the natural reaction would
be for enemy Guard to back up slightly so you’re back outside the shields again and get
minced easily instead.

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