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Civilization 2 – Test of Time Cheats

Civilization 2 – Test of Time

Cheat Codes:
For Control Opponent’s City, press V and move diagonally into the city.
For the rest, enter during gameplay and press Enter.

Code Effect
Q – Update throne room.
[Ctrl]+[Shift]+T – New council attitude and time.
[Ctrl]+[Shift]+U – Edit unit, except for type.
[Shift]+123456+[Release Shift]+T – Control Opponents City.

Tip 1:
Airborne races have a huge initial advantage in exploration and
expansion because their settlers can fly over water. Their inability
to exploit barbarian villages is a small price to pay.

Tip 2:
In the fantasy scenarios, it pays to seize control of the entrances
to the underworld. There are relatively few of them, and they are
easy to fortify if you move quickly; the rich underworld resources
can be all yours.

Tip 3:
In the extended basic game, remember to be prepared for a long war
once the colony ships are launched.

Control opponent city:
Press V, move diagonally into an opponent’s city, and press [Enter].
The city’s productivity may be altered or units disbanded. Alternately,
hold [Shift], type 123456, release [Shift], then press T.

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