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Submitted by: David K.

Getting Started (What You Need to Know):
Written by justdrop

A foundational guide for learning what to do. Starting out can be daunting,
going in prepared will help.

-=Game Modes: Progression and Survival=-
Progression mode (ie. the one you start out in) is the inefficient way of leveling
up and also the way you progress after you’ve been through the entirety of Survival
mode. The first thing you should do is find a group, people will always be prestiging
and getting one will typically be fast. If you’re removed from a group, do not be
discouraged, as you’ll gain at least a few items to make yourself stronger. If you
see me online and not in a group, or my group has room feel free to invite/join me
letting me know that you’re new and I’ll help you level.

-=Item Pieces: Create Gems and Add Stats!=-
When the game says that you’ve received an item piece, what it means is that you
received (1) to your To Gear number in the equipment menu. Each tier of the game,
starting with tier 0 floor 1, has a chance of dropping item pieces. Item pieces
increase the benefits of equipment gems you put into the slots. For detailed information
about what gems you should use, ongoing discussions in class channels have some
theorycrafting going on to assist you. Each tier of equipment pieces allows for 20,000
pieces, adding a total of 5% to your gem. Each tier stacks, so maxing t0 is 5%, maxing
t0 and t1 is 10%, etc. Gems receive an extra statistic at levels 50, 399, 699, and 999.
Getting 8 gems and leveling them all to 50 is a great idea in the beginning.

-=Skills: Actives, Passives and How to Make the Most of Them=-
The first five skills in your skill list require skill points and gold to level up.
When you prestige, these skills will reset and you’ll need to reinvest skill points
but NOT gold to get back to the same tier you were before. If you purchased up to rank
10 with gold, any future runs where you go from rank 1 to 10 will have no gold
requirement, but to unlock rank 11 will have a gold price. Skills six through ten are
passive and will persist through prestiging. These skills are usually much better to
invest in short term as the increases you receive from them will guarantee better
rewards through raid fighting.

-=Raiding: A Lucrative Source of Obtaining Stats=-
Raids occur every hour (barring server reset or bug) and participation gives you red
shards and seals. You can obtain blue shards from floor bosses as well. Blue shards
are used to upgrade the level of gems, increasing their efficiency while taking time
to do so. Red shards serve the same purpose, however the time to upgrade is always 2
seconds. You are encouraged to sign up for raids, as all participants receive shards.
Seals can be used in conjunction with gold to buy buffs.

-=Ancient Texts: Good for You, Good for Everyone=-
In your Ancient Texts menu, there are two tabs, one being personal attribute gains
and the other being server-wide contribution. The first tab has upgrades to attack,
defense and as you loot them, gold multiplier and armor piece multiplier. In the
beginning you should invest solely in yourself, gold upgrade never hurts for
progression’s sake. As you compete for floor rushes, you’ll start to contribute more
in the second tab which is used to unlock more Survival mode floors allowing all
players to speed back up to the higher floors.

-=Monster Hunt: Gotta Kill ‘Em All=-
Monster hunt is the last way to upgrade your character. Every time you kill a specific
amount of a spawned mob, you can click the button for a damage buff. The list of mobs
never ends and loops, so just click it every few minutes, you’re bound to have some
additional damage from it.

-=Discouraged? Not on My Watch!=-
A common question is: why am I doing so little damage compared to my group? Common
reasons are they’re very high in comparison to you and have a lot of allocated stats,
your class has a delay in their attacks so yours never get to go off, and armor
penetration. Multiply your listed damage by the armor penetration number on your
character sheet (if auto attack does 30 damage and your armor pen is 40%, 30x.40
and please mind the decimal :weary: ). Your skills will go off in order from RIGHT
to LEFT. Anything you want casted when combat initiates should be on the right side
of your skill bar.

If anyone has any other questions they see frequently from new players, or has any
questions of their own, let me know and I’ll add the answers to the list.

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