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Combat Arms Cheats

Combat Arms

Cheat Codes:
Update by: alb_killer
Submitted by: RM

You can make the button tab:

Code Result
reload – infinate ammo.
dum – invisibility.
polisi – invisibility.
dandan – undestructible.

Secret hideing place:
In warhead go to team bravo and go to the corner with some broken bricks (near A site)
with a knife and keep on going left and right until u see the screen shakeing and just
keep on going up till u go through.

Easy kills:
I’m not sure what side you have to be on for this to work.I think Bravo. Well, to get
easy kills, go outside, go right past the car and go through the cargo things. There
should be a car on the other side. Behind that is the enemy respawn point. If you ran,
lob some nades and get some easy kills. I got 2 Multi Kills and a 5 kill one with this

Secret hiding spot:
Submitted by: Incognito

Go to Junk Flea and be on the team that there is a broken ladder. Pull out a knife and
stay to the left sideand you will reach the next place. Then shoot the shit out of
people with your sniper.

Submitted by: alpha629
Email: alpha629@gmail.com

Ok, on the map Junk Flea, I’m not sure which side to do this, but, there is a broken,
unfinished ladder area above grorund. To get up, all you have to do is crouch, and jump,
moving forward the whole time. Start sprinting, then alternate crouch and jume until
you are at the top. When you stop shaking, you know you’re at the top. I have my own
clan. abcs123s. Requirements are staff sargeant and .75 k/d ratio. All credit goes to
me. I created about 5 videos on youtube about it, man. junk flea glitches. All credit
goes to us. abcs123s. My name in game is alpha629.

Get any gun without leveling up:
Chose the weapons or item above the gun or grenade/Armour you want then open the
messenger. Click on the gun you want and then you shoul be able to buy it by pressing
the buy button.

Good starting weapons:
If you are just starting and everyone is fraging you badly,well then your a noob. But
with my edvice you’ll do better. First do not go into battle right away, when you first
start you will have 9000GP,which is more than you need. Go buy a AK-47, any shotgun, a
granade that will set your apponents on fire,and a smoke granade. Then cusomize your
AK-47 with a scope and a extended magazine,do NOT get a silencer for it decreases gun
power. Then customize your shotgun with a extended magazine. Go and buy a helmet that
will protect head shots and some gogles to you can see clearer through smoke. Now you
can go into battle,do NOT go into one man army unless you are more of an experenced
player. Capture the flag is probably the easy killer, stay at your teams flag and wait
for an enemy to come, use your shotgun mostly, its the easy killer.

Water rider:
Run at the wall and at the same time rapidly press [Prt Scrn]. When you see the water,
stop pressing [Prt Scrn] and crouch for a moment when you get close to the top of the

Submitted by: MENTALIRA

If you jump on top of an enemies head and kill them stand still and when they respawn
if they dont move right away you will be on their head when they spawn so you can kill
them agin.

Snow valley glitch:
Submitted by: quintin

You go to the big tower go by the stairs and go in between the yellow poles and get
your knife and drop on the skinny wall and knife the wall and when you see a little
part of the underground run toward it and go underground it works best during spy
hunt mode.

Hidden shooting spot on Brushwood map:
Submitted by: Tanner Tiffany

This hidden location on Brushwood is best to reach if you’re on team bravo. If you
go up the main body of the cargo plane and turn left to the tail section, you should
see one of the tail rudders hidden by a bunch of branches. Go to that side and you
will be in the hidden location. I would recommend using a silenced weapon or else
you might be found. You can also crouch for good measure. My name is hiddenenemy,
i am the rank of corporal, and i am often on the snow valley, waverider, two towers,
and brushwood maps.

Hide in the truck:
In missle, there is a truck near an entrance to the missle building. Get on the hood
and crouch, then turn left then right while still crouching. eventualy you will get
inside. You can walk around in the truck, and the cool thing is, you can see and shoot
out of it, but they cant. Just dont throw grenades and they can shoot your feet. So
you should stand behind a wheel. They are the only parts of the truck you can see.

Under the ground:
Submitted by: lun

On lots of maps there are lttle spaces that allow you to basically fall to your death,
but if you use it wisely and press the right buttons, than you will find yourself in a
spot great for snipers and those who dont like to get shot. except i will only reveal
one of these glitches to you.

On the map “Junk Flea” there are two tanks (or what look to be tanks) that you are able
to crawl in between. if you crouch into the right spot then you will fall down.

Once you start to fall, tap “W” and “S” both simultaneously and repeatedly, then you
will be both invincible and invisible.

Submitted by: Danny (forest1414)
Email: dfeldyjr@gmail.com

Ok guys listen in jun flea go to the broken ladder on that platform next to the tunnel.
when you get there, get your knife out and press crouch and stand untill you get to the
top. then get to the third stair and run then your on the platform. when your ep kick
some ass.

Become a Legend:
Rules of becoming a pro on Combat Arms or any other kinds of multiplayer shooting games.

1.Know your surroundings – This all depends on your gaming experience within the game.
Know where the opposite team mostly attacks from.

2.Ask the pros – When you see a very experienced player, always ask them for helpful tips.

3.Suprise Attacks – Always try suprising your enemies instead of camping and waiting for
them to head into your direction. This is an effective way of beating your oppenent.
Whenever you see your oppenent going in a specific direction always go the other way
without being unseen as you backstab them. (Using a knife is always pro).

4.Wealth – Having lots of money is also another advantage as you can not only spend it
on weapons but also spend it grenades. (Some people may say grenades are for noobs,
guess whats it’s not actually.) Depends on many you throw.

5.Backstabbing Silence – You sometimes think its a bit too quiet while playing the game.
Turn your volume up, the higher the better (Surround sound is very effective.)

6.Disable them Grenades – Not many people know this, but you can actually set off a
grenade as it flies through the air. This can be very effective whenever your team
gets annoyed by this one kid who is always spamming grenades everywhere.
Simply look up and whenever theres a grenade soaring in the air towards you, fire at
it causing it to explode in the sky. WARNING – This is a pretty hard skill to learn,
pros don’t even know this skill/can’t do it.

Secret hiding places. ep 1:
Submitted by: Megagamer

Ok… so i’ve found a couple of hiding/defens places for guarantine maps. In junkflea go
up to the house that is farther away from the two silos.
Go upstairs to the balcony thing. turn right and go under the low roof.
then go a littlebit right as u are there and stand up and run at the corner. (make sure
that u are always a littlebit under the low roof)once u get up blow the shit out of the
infected >:-) ( very little people know this thing so u should be safe!!!

Hiding spot:
Submitted by: nick

you need to be on bravo for this on junk fle go to the building that is on other side of
the one with a broken ladder and go on the first floor there will me lockers on both side
go to right side and walke to thr right and left until u see the screen turn black then
move forward a bit and now u can not be seen but u can see and shoot just dont use gernades
or knifes here.

Secret hiding places. ep 2:
Submitted by: Megagamer

Back with new glich… i mean 100% glich free hiding places :-/
In warhead, theres lots of containers around a truck. Jump on the boxes near 1 container,
then jump on the container. There is a container with doors open on top.
go to the nearest door and face it. Pull out ur knife and duck and then run at door with
shift pressed and jump until u get on the door. then jump on the container in the corner
and survive the guarantine 😀 O.M.T (One More Thing) pros usually know this thing so play
against noobs XD.

Hiding spot:
Submitted by: LoadedGabe

In Shortfuse go to the office and by the large window there is a space by some lockers go
between them and shoot the people outside your window but always have a silencer or you
will be found easily.

Junk flea hiding spot:
In junk flea on the side of the blue tunnel there is a small corner you can hide there.
In melee only hide in this corner then attack anyone that see’s you there is more chance
your enemy will die if you hide in this spot during melee only.

Hiding place:
Submitted by: chris pinera
Email: insanechris00@yahoo.com

the steps r very simple in cabin fever on fireteam inside the cabin there’s a type of
kitchen with a cabinet go to the left of cabinet hit it with a knife 9 times and run
forward when you stop runing that all your energy came down crouch and your inside the
you only see the zombies bodie and feet but it will kill them if you shoot them in the
bodie hope u enjoy.

Tree Stand:
Submitted by: Treysteroid of youtube

stand near the edge of the tower on the third floor on snow valley. run and jump into the
tree and you can stand on the branches camoflouged from the other team.

Secret hiding places. ep 3:
Submitted by: Megagamer

Hello, and welcome for the Megagamer glitch….. err i mean 150% glitch free hiding places.
In overdose theres a camera in the lab on wich u can get onto. Go up with the help of the
shelf/box things and go to the narrow ledge. If u fail the first jump
(u gotta jump to get on it) I wont blame u. I failed the couple first tries but after u get
the hang of it, u can do it with ur eyes closed. O.M.T Zombies might pile up under the
camera and infect u so remember to stay put. Good luck.

Secret hiding places. ep 4:
Submitted by: Megagamer

Ok folks, you will love this one. In killcreek theres a sign that has a picture of a soldier
shooting at zombiez. To get on top of it u have to take out ur knife, sprint at the piece of
paper in the other leg of the sign, waste all of ur sprint stamina and stab the paper.
Then u should appear on the sign ready to survive the round. (unless ur infected) O.M.T u
should prevent moving on the sign cause it is “slippery”
and it would be really bad to fall when zombiez are around. Its hard to get on the sign, and
it most likely wont work the first time. (I’ve managed it only once) Enjoy!!!!!

Junk flea tank:
Submitted by: Nanonanners

on the map junk flea there is a way to get under the map and be hidden durring a quartine regen
game. what you do is go to the broken tank close to the broken ladder (and bravo base I think)
then go to the tank that is tipped on its side, look at it and run left and right at it. you
should slowly start going lower and lower once you are low enough you can crouch and you will
start falling down the map. it may take 2 tries. this trick can be done in any junk flea game
mode. once you start falling you go down for about a minute then die.

Confederete shot gun glitch:
Submitted by: Jackomolish

To forge the confederete shot gun use the double barrel: OKay hers the glitch if you ever wanna
trick people that you hack just do this: Switch to the confederte double and quickly just keeep
on clicking the right mouse button or the one that shoots two bullets at one time. It looks like
unlimited ammo but after the first two blullets you shoot. Oh heres another glitch on the same
gun. Alright on the confederte double barrel shoot one bullet and then press the button that is
supposed to shoot two bullets it will damage and look like u have two bullets in the gun. Even
though you only have one bullet in the chamber. Add me my name is jackomolish in combat arms
and join my clan if you join i will share more stuff like this with you!

The right weapons in the right place. Part 1:
Submitted by: Megagamer

Sometimes u think ur so smart when u think that there is a gun thats perfect 4 all gamemods,
well your wrong, every mod has its weapons. For example: MP5 isn’t
at all good in Quarantine regen. And MINIMI sucks on Elimination! Follow these hints to get the
perfect gun for all mods. Quarantine regen’s preferred weapons are automatic shotguns (AA-12) and
machine guns (M60). This means that weapons with large MAGs or huge kick-back are best. If you
dont have NX then SPAS-12 works as a good shotgun.

Junk Flea: Hiding location:
On the side of the blue tunnel there is a small corner where you can hide. Hide in this corner
in melee only, then attack anyone that finds you.

Shortfuse: Hiding location:
Go to the office and approach the large window. There is a space near some lockers. Get between
them and shoot the people outside your window. Always have a silencer or you will be found easily.

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