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Command & Conquer – Generals Cheats

Command & Conquer – Generals

Submitted by: Dikkiboy aguilar

First, play china. get the nuke cannon promotionfrom the generals promotion. Then,
capture an american base ( enemy must be more than 1 and 1 should be a usa). Then
build 5 to 10 nuke cannons and the same no. of chinooks. Load 1 nuke cannon into
each then unload the nuke cannons near the enemy command center. If they attack,
the command center will blow up. if they don’t, then the nuke cannons will destroy

Easy defense:
Submitted by: Shark

When you are playing as China. Build a Nuke Cannon and get it guard (Click that
button “guard”) an area. Any enemy comes will be blow up! Have fun!

Submitted by: Richard

Best defence ever! When playing as China, the best thing to do is build a bunker,
and put 3 rocket and 2 rifle troops in it. If you make a group of these combined
with the minnigun turrets, nothin can get past it. Then just build at least 5
Aircraft plants, and 3 – 6 Nuke Silos, you got the map set!

Play as Russia:
Submitted by: Pangeran Akbarsyah

If you open the command console and type “Russia:Yuri_Relived” you get units that
have the same names as those from older cnc games.

Change Cost of weapons:
Submitted by: Pangeran Akbarsyah
Backup the file before editing!!!

It is possible to edit the INI.big file in your game directory. But you have to
use a Hex-Editor. Do not change the lenght of the file or the game will not boot
again. Just Overwrite the Text you need.

Search for “BuildCost” and overwrite it like
“BuildCost = 2000” Orig.
“BuildCost = 0000” Faked.
Do not DELETE anything.

How to blow up a battalion of infantries:
Submitted by: Pangeran Akbarsyah

If you are the Chinese make at least 10 inferno tanks and send them all together at
once and park them somewhere where your opponent love to send you those rebels or
rangers or red guards to sneak on you and once they pass you you can watch the
fireworks blow!!! inferno tank works great with their technology too!!! now you
know how to beat those scums!
[Note: this works too with the GLA toxic truck.]

Get Old Unit Names:
Submitted by: Pangeran Akbarsyah

Bring up the console and type in Russia:Yuri_Relived to get unit names from older
C&C titles (No new graphics though)

How to win against turtling opponents:
Submitted by: Pangeran Akbarsyah

Well, tired of those online players that do nothing but build up there defenses?
Well here’s the solution! all you have to do is, if your usa, send raptors to
eliminate there defenses and supply centers as necessary, try going for the power
supply first, and use the A10 strike to weather down there defenses more. Then after
there power and supply center is out they will have trouble knowing when you coming
and creating new defenses. At this point simply send in a sizable force of humvees
with the tow missile upgrade and full of rangers with capture building. Simply send
them in unload the rangers and capture and sell there base.

Airfield Tip:
Submitted by: Pangeran Akbarsyah

When you are china, build an airfield and put a speaker tower right behind it. So
when your planes have got damaged in battle they heal faster. To make it even quicker
upgrade the speaker towers in the propaganda center.

Destory ULA bunkers:
Submitted by: Pangeran Akbarsyah

If your sick and tyered of thouse annoying ULA stinger sites. Well there is a simple
and cheap way to clear them out. All you need is about 3 USA rangers with the flash
grenades upgrade. Then send them to the bunkers and tell them to aim there flash
grenades at the bunker. This will kill the 3 rocket soldiers inside and you can then
use your rangers to finish off the stinger site with there machine guns.

The only 4 tanks you will ever need:
Submitted by: Pangeran Akbarsyah

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Build four Overlord tanks. The big ones China has.
Two of them must have Propaganda upgrades and the other two need the Chaingun upgrade.
It,s also helpful to have the two Nuke upgrades, but thats optional. Because of the
Propaganda the Overlord is un-killable in a small group. I took out aprox 400 enemy
units and 46 buildings with these bad boys. Its best not to use faster units in this
group because they get too far away from the overlords and get killed. Have fun.

Submitted by: Pangeran Akbarsyah

Be GLA and build a Jarmin K(e)(i)ll and 4 rebels and a Technical. put them all in the
tecnical and ride to the enemies base. Then make Jarmin shoot the driver out of a
construction dozer. make 1 rebel to enter the vehicle and… Voila you can build
(chinese or american) buildings.
NOTE: this only works when you are GLA and enemy is USA or China!
good luck Yuri_relived

Submitted by: Bloody – Wolf

If you playing as USA, you can easly defeat your Enemy. Build more than 30 missile
defenders and more than 7 snipers, then send your army to the Enemy base !

Submitted by: Devastation Master

GLA Ultimate Force:
Playing as GLA you can create the very large group of unit.

You need:

50 or more T-34 (Scorpion Tank)
40 or more Quad Cannons
10 or more SCUD Launchers
8 or more Radar Vans
Fully unit upgrade

When you decided to launch your attack.Use T-34 storm enemy base as heavily as
possible then use SCUD launchers support T-34 but you must alway create new unit
and send them to your group use Quad Cannons to destroy every airstrike unit and
infantries use Radar Vans to scan stealth unit

Watch for Aurora Bomber,A-10,Air Fuel Bomb,Inferno Cannon,Nuke Cannon,MIG,EMP,
other player’s SCUD Launcher and Anthrax Bomb

Submitted by: Croneil

IF you are Gla you can use a Scutstorm – bug,that means you can always fire
scutstorm with out build it!ready!.

1.Take a worker and build a scutstorm to 1-99%
2.Send the worker away.
3.Build a tank that can shoot.
4.Give the tank the number 1 with crtl+1.
5.Than klick at Scutstorm press shift+1
6.Shoot with scutstorm anywere on the map with (crtl).
(coution:send always the tank back and dont build it ready)

Command And Conquer: Generals cheats, codes, hints, FAQs:
Submitted By:- Gaurav Dahale
E-mail ID : gaurav_dahale@yahoo.co.in

Americans: Prevent enemy from passing:
When playing as the Americans, put six Rocket Soldiers and four Snipers inside a
building. They will stop any enemy movement nearby, even the helicopter combat
drop. The Rockets Soldiers will tear any vehicle and airship, while snipers take
out Soldiers. You can use this to defend your base or specific places.

Americans: Helicopter pilots always eject:
If you are playing as the Americans and a ranked (veteran, elite, or heroic)
helicopter gets shot down, you can force the pilot to eject. Quickly use the
green drag-box to attempt to select the helicopter as it is falling out of the
sky. You will not actually select the crashing aircraft, but the pilot should
eject every time.

Americans: Tomahawk kills:
Have a Tomahawk set on “Guard” on a cliff and it will kill anything with its
guided missiles. It will sometimes miss fast objects like the GLA Tech, etc.

Americans: Easy final mission:
At the start of the game, use your promotions to get an A-10 airstrike, fuel
air bombs, and start building Aurora bombers after have the Strategy Center.
After that, capture the Chinese base. Build a War Factory and other things.
Make about five Overlords, one with a Propaganda Tower and the rest with
Gatling Cannons. Make another drop of zone. Then, start making Inferno
Cannons. Leave two Overlords at your Chinese base. Then havve the rest of
your forces attack the GLA. Also when you have enough money, build a Nuclear
Missile and two Particle Cannon Uplinks. Use them on the GLA and victory is

Americans: Attack strategy:
First, build a squad of about ten to fifteen Humvees. Upgrade them all with
TOW missiles and Battle Drones, but get one with a Scout Drone. Then buy 50
to 75 Rocket Soldiers (five for each Humvee) and load them up in the Humvees.
This can be used to defend your base or attack your enemy’s base. If you want
to capture the enemy buildings as well, build about an extra five Humvees and
load them up with Rangers, with Capture Building and Flashbangs. Flashbangs
are used to clear out garrisoned buildings. Also, upgrade those five Humvees
with Scout Drones.

Chinese: Bigger nuclear explosion:
First, build a Nuclear Missile. Then, upgrade the Mine Cluster (must gain
three star generals first). When the Nuclear Missile is ready, drop the Mine
Custer at the enemy base. After that, launch the Nuclear Missiles to where
you dropped the mine.

Chinese: Defend base:
Have some Gattling Tanks and Tank Hunters to defend the base. Also have a
Speaker to heal the troops. The Tank Hunters will kill all the tanks and the
Gattling Tank will kill all the soldiers and aircraft.

Chinese: Quick win:
First get a Radar, then quickly get a Dozer to build a Supply Depot. Quickly
build a Factory and start pumping some APsS (Troop Crawler) and send them to
the enemy base. Have at least two APCs. Then, swam them with your infantry.

GLA: Two armies for the price of one:
Use Jarrem Kell to kill the driver of an USA or China Construction Dozer.
Then, send a soldier or Jarrem inside the dozer. You will be able to construct
all the installations of that army.

GLA: Quick win:
At the start of the match, build an Arms Dealer as soon as possible. Once
established, build a Technical and send it directly into your enemies base
around the side where they have no defenses. Considering this is done at
the start, if you were quick enough they will not have any defenses at all
yet. Once in the enemy’s base, start shooting their supply trucks or running
over their workers that are collecting money. Note: This will not work if
the enemy is the USA; fill the Technical with Terrorists, go over to their
base. and blow up their Supply Depot. This little and inexpensive attack
will cause major problems for your enemy because it will stop them receiving
money for about one minute, allowing you to get an extra $3,000 dollars or
so. If you are playing online, your enemy is most likely to surrender after
this ordeal.

Americans or Chinese: Effective base:
First, build two Construction Dozers (one for Power Plant and one for
Barracks). When they are done, build two Supply Depots and send those
two Construction Dozers to the area that you are defending. When you have
enough money and power, build a Bunker and a Gattling Gun next to it.
When done with that, build moer Gattling Guns and about three or four more
Bunkers. Fill the Bunkers with Rocket Soldiers. When they attack, the
Rocket Soldiers will tear the vehicle apart and the Gattling Gun will
kill the men. When they attack by air, both the Rocket Soldiers and
Gattling Guns will defend your base.

Americans or Chinese Using GLA as secondary force:
This trick is more effective when fighting against hard or brutal enemies.
First, fight against a GLA opponent. They will almost always build a Resource
Collection building at other collection points other than the one nearest to
their base. Allow them to do so. Send a few Paladins accompanied by a duo of
Humvees to eradicate one of these secondary bases. Capture the building, and
immediately build a Worker. Send him back to your base and you can start your
own GLA force.

Homeland Alliance map:
At start, build a Bulldozer or Worker. Send both to the center of the city.
Build a Supply Center and Barracks. Sell your Command Center and build a
new one in the city. It will be easy to guard the city when playing against
the CPU. Just send Missile Defenders, Rpg Troopers, or Tank Hunters into
the buildings at the edges of the cities (about ten to twenty per side).
Stay within the city and you will be unstoppable.
Note: This works best as the Chinese.

Allied artillery:
Use the Strategy Center’s Bombardment. It will be same as the Artillery.
Note: If you shoot very close to the Strategy Center, it cannot fire.

Multiple Commanche Rocket Pod attack:
When you have upgraded the Commanche’s Rocket Pods, go to the area you wish
to attack. Select the Rocket Pod ability. After you initiated the Rocket Pod
attack, quickly switch to the Commanche’s normal attack (machine guns and
Hellfires). This is useful when destroying a battalion of tanks in close

Launch two super weapons for the price of one:
This trick only works with the SCUD Storm. Build a SCUD Storm. Once you can
fire it, click it once. Then, attack a target like you would with a regular
unit. You will not hear any message that the SCUD Storm has been launched.
You must wait for the first nine SCUDS to drop before you can fire it

Taking out large groups of infantry and tanks/buildings:
Make as many Humvees as desired. Create an even number of them. Upgrade to
TOW Missiles. Fill half of the Humvees with Snipers and the other half with
Missile Defenders, RPG Troopers, or Tank Hunters. If you also want to capture
buildings, make another set of Humvees with Rangers, Red Guards, or Rebels
and upgrade to “Capture Buildings”.

Flying man:
Destroy one of the GLA’s assault trucks (Technicals) and the rebel in the
back will go flying. Note: Sometimes the rebel can get hit when falling if
there area lot of Technicals, however this is rare.

Unlockables – Skirmish award requirements:
Air Wing Honor : Build over 20 aircraft in a solo or multi-player mode mission.
Apocalypse Honor : Build each of the Super Weapons.
Battle Tank Honor : Build over 50 tanks in a solo or multi-player mode mission.
Blitz Honor : Defeat an enemy in less than 10, 5, or 3 minutes.
China Campaign Honor : Complete China’s campaign mode
Endurance Honor : Complete all Skirmish maps
GLA Campaign Honor : Complete GLA’s campaign mode.
Streak Honor : Win 3, 10, or 30 matches in a row.
USA Campaign Honor : Complete USA’s campaign mode.

Player ranks:
Get the following point total to advance to the corresponding rank.
Note: They are earned in increments of three points for each victory.

Corporal : 5
Sergeant : 10
Lieutenant : 20
Captain : 50
Major : 100
Colonel : 200
Brigadier General : 500
General : 1,000

Submitted by: sourav_guddu

It does not get easier than this.Not in the mood of wasting money. So follow this
trick. The best of defeating enemy when USA is to built 4 humvees. Build 15 missile
launchers and 5 snipers .Load 3 of them with the missile launchers and the remaining
1 humvee with 5 sniper. Send these to the enemy base.The snipers will shoot from
insisde the humvee and kill any rocket troops.The 15 rocket launchers can kill any
nearby vehicle.You can also destroy the stringer sites with these. The snipers can
kill the rocket launchers and the USA rocket launchers can kill the stringer site.
You may also unload them where the tank density is more and use laser guided missiles
to harass the enemy. The humvees must have TOW missiles upgrade and with battle drones
so that thy might repair themselves in the battlefield.
(Note: Only works with USA)

Quick start:
Start the game with the -quickstart command line parameter to skip the introduction
sequences and go directly to a new, no animation menu.

Use a text editor to edit the “skirmishstats.ini” file in the folder:
“command and conquer generals data”. It can be found in “c:my documents” or
“c:documents and settingsadministrator” in Windows XP.
Change the Honors line to “Honors = 999999999999999”. If you do not have the Honors
line, enter that line under the Challenge line.

Easily selecting units:
When you have many units of soldiers or vehicles, first select all the units. Then,
press [Ctrl] and a number (0 to 9) to find the selected unit.

100% complete:
Use a text editor to edit the “skirmishstats.ini” file in the folder:
“command and conquer generals data”. It can be found in “c:my documents” or
“c:documents and settingsadministrator” in Windows XP. Replace the current
contents of the file with the following.
Note: The “winstreak”, “best win streak”, “wins” can be changed as desired.

BestWinStreak = 100
Challenge = 0
Honors = 1000000
LastHouse = America
Losses = 0
LoyalGames = 31
Nuke = 1
PPC = 1
SCUD = 1
WinStreak = 100
Wins = 100
mapsalpine assaultalpine assault.map_2 = 1
mapsarmored furyarmored fury.map_2 = 2
mapsdark mountaindark mountain.map_2 = 1
mapsdesert furydesert fury.map_2 = 1
mapsfallen empirefallen empire.map_2 = 1
mapsfinal crusadefinal crusade.map_2 = 1
mapsfortress avalanchefortress avalanche.map_2 = 3
mapsgolden oasisgolden oasis.map_2 = 1
mapsheartland shieldheartland shield.map_2 = 1
mapshomeland alliancehomeland alliance.map_2 = 3
mapslone eaglelone eagle.map_2 = 1
mapsrogue agentrogue agent.map_2 = 1
mapssand serpentsand serpent.map_2 = 1
mapsscorched earthscorched earth.map_2 = 1
mapssilent riversilent river.map_2 = 1
mapstournament deserttournament desert.map_2 = 1
mapstournament islandtournament island.map_2 = 1
mapstournament laketournament lake.map_2 = 1
mapstournament tundratournament tundra.map_2 = 1
mapstwilight flametwilight flame.map_2 = 3
mapswasteland warlordswasteland warlords.map_2 = 1
mapswhiteoutwhiteout.map_2 = 3
mapswinter wolfwinter wolf.map_2 = 1

Note: Enter the following into the file to achieve all medals and honors and
also have gold stars for every official map, instead of just bronze stars.

BestWinStreak = 66
Challenge = 0
Honors = 178682
LastHouse = America
LoyalGames = 1
Nuke = 1
PPC = 1
SCUD = 1
WinStreak = 66
Wins = 66
mapsalpine assaultalpine assault.map_2 = 1
mapsalpine assaultalpine assault.map_3 = 1
mapsalpine assaultalpine assault.map_4 = 1
mapsarmored furyarmored fury.map_2 = 1
mapsarmored furyarmored fury.map_3 = 1
mapsarmored furyarmored fury.map_4 = 1
mapsdark mountaindark mountain.map_2 = 1
mapsdark mountaindark mountain.map_3 = 1
mapsdark mountaindark mountain.map_4 = 1
mapsdesert furydesert fury.map_2 = 1
mapsdesert furydesert fury.map_3 = 1
mapsdesert furydesert fury.map_4 = 1
mapsfallen empirefallen empire.map_2 = 1
mapsfallen empirefallen empire.map_3 = 1
mapsfallen empirefallen empire.map_4 = 1
mapsfinal crusadefinal crusade.map_2 = 1
mapsfinal crusadefinal crusade.map_3 = 1
mapsfinal crusadefinal crusade.map_4 = 1
mapsfortress avalanchefortress avalanche.map_2 = 1
mapsfortress avalanchefortress avalanche.map_3 = 1
mapsfortress avalanchefortress avalanche.map_4 = 1
mapsgolden oasisgolden oasis.map_2 = 1
mapsgolden oasisgolden oasis.map_3 = 1
mapsgolden oasisgolden oasis.map_4 = 1
mapsheartland shieldheartland shield.map_2 = 1
mapsheartland shieldheartland shield.map_3 = 1
mapsheartland shieldheartland shield.map_4 = 1
mapshomeland alliancehomeland alliance.map_2 = 1
mapshomeland alliancehomeland alliance.map_3 = 1
mapshomeland alliancehomeland alliance.map_4 = 1
mapslone eaglelone eagle.map_2 = 1
mapslone eaglelone eagle.map_3 = 1
mapslone eaglelone eagle.map_4 = 1
mapssand serpentsand serpent.map_2 = 1
mapssand serpentsand serpent.map_3 = 1
mapssand serpentsand serpent.map_4 = 1
mapsscorched earthscorched earth.map_2 = 1
mapsscorched earthscorched earth.map_3 = 1
mapsscorched earthscorched earth.map_4 = 1
mapssilent riversilent river.map_2 = 1
mapssilent riversilent river.map_3 = 1
mapssilent riversilent river.map_4 = 1
mapstournament deserttournament desert.map_2 = 1
mapstournament deserttournament desert.map_3 = 1
mapstournament deserttournament desert.map_4 = 1
mapstournament islandtournament island.map_2 = 1
mapstournament islandtournament island.map_3 = 1
mapstournament islandtournament island.map_4 = 1
mapstournament laketournament lake.map_2 = 1
mapstournament laketournament lake.map_3 = 1
mapstournament laketournament lake.map_4 = 1
mapstournament tundratournament tundra.map_2 = 1
mapstournament tundratournament tundra.map_3 = 1
mapstournament tundratournament tundra.map_4 = 1
mapstwilight flametwilight flame.map_2 = 1
mapstwilight flametwilight flame.map_3 = 1
mapstwilight flametwilight flame.map_4 = 1
mapswasteland warlordswasteland warlords.map_2 = 1
mapswasteland warlordswasteland warlords.map_3 = 1
mapswasteland warlordswasteland warlords.map_4 = 1
mapswhiteoutwhiteout.map_2 = 1
mapswhiteoutwhiteout.map_3 = 1
mapswhiteoutwhiteout.map_4 = 1
mapswinter wolfwinter wolf.map_2 = 1
mapswinter wolfwinter wolf.map_3 = 1
mapswinter wolfwinter wolf.map_4 = 1

Ultimate defence with USA:
Submitted by: B Rad

First get the stealh plane Promation then construck a full base with everything like
soldiers and tanks.Build two airfields and buy 8 stealh Jets take each one alone and
tell them to guard a pease of land infront of your base.Build more airfields and more
stealh jets do the same with them.Don’t take them all and tell them to gaurd the same
place them a few meters apart and if enemy forces atk. the invisebilty of your planes
wil suprise atk. they they won’t know what hit them!!!!!
P.S. Don’t place your planes close to a stinger site they will just shoot it down!

Chinese: Easy win:
No Chinese ground-based invasion is complete without an ECM tank or two. The best
invasion consists of an even number of Overlord or Emperor Overlord tanks, half
of which are upgraded with Propaganda Towers and half with Gattling Cannons.
The ECM tanks, when close by, will detour more than half of the missiles fired
at your tanks (which is useful against annoying, yet powerful Scorpion Rockets).
They can also deactivate nearby vehicles, which is useful when encountering an
Overlord Tank or any other ominous threat.

Use a text editor to edit the “skirmishstats.ini” file in the folder:
“command and conquer generals data”. It can be found in “c:my documents” or
“c:documents and settingsadministrator” in Windows XP. Change the Honors line
to “Honors = 999999999999999”. If you do not have the Honors line, enter that
line under the Challenge line.

Americans: Stronger Humvees:
When playing as the USA, Humvee can become powerful easily. This is usually best when
starting out. First, build a Barracks and a War Factory. Next, build five Rocket
Soldiers and a Humvee. Place the five soldiers into the Humvee. Your Humvee now uses
its default attack, plus all five soldiers attack as well, giving it an excellent
advantage over tanks. With four Humvees you can easily wipe out a small base (like
when you are still starting to build). For extra damage, upgrade to TOW missiles.

Multi-Stratee-gery Center:
Normally when you are the USA, you can only build one strategy center. But there is
a way to get more than one. For this trick to work you must be either the GLA or
China. Also, there must be at least one USA team on hard or brutal. You need to build
a barracks and get the capture building upgrade. Wait until the USA team builds a
strategy center. Make sure it is not destroyed. Before you capture it, capture their
command center. Then, build a constuction dozer. Begin to capture the strategy center
now, and at the same time begin building another one with your new construcion dozer.
They will both be usable to you once they are finished, so you can use multiple

Scud Bug:
This cheat allows you to launch the scudstorm repeatedly with out having to wait 5
min. You start by building a scudstorm with the gla (note: it dose not have to be
fully constructed to use this cheat ex. 15%) next select the scud storm and press
Q. Press and hold ctrl and select where you want it to fire and it will not stop
until you tell it to.

Submitted by: Veraad

* This is expensive and fiddly but worth it!

* Make humvees Put 4 rocket soldiers and 1 sniper in each, then make lots the same.
nothing can stop 40 of these.

* I find it best to make 4 barracks and 2 war factories to make these units quickly.
1st 3 barracks is 2 snipers and 7 rocketeers each, the last barrack is 1 sniper
and 7 rocketreers, the 1st war factory makes 4 humvees the second makes 3, 1 set
of 7 costs $17,500($19,600 after dorne purchase).

Chinese: Easy win:
Use the following trick on the level where you must destroy the water dam. Once you
have gathered enough money(oil derricks at the upper left of your base), build three
extra Bulldozers, four Nuclear Reactors, then three Gattling Guns (multi tasking) on
the land bridge when the water level drops. Also put two Gattling Guns below your
base just to be safe. Use the extra construction Bulldozers to stand by and repair
the Gattling Guns. Build two Airfields, with four planes in each to help guard the
land bridge. Use a few planes to scout the entire map. Click the star button at the
bottom right of the screen and click the one where the soldiers you make automatically
start with a “^” sign above their heads. Build three Barracks. Keep building Red Guards
until you have 70. At the same time while training the red guards, make at least 30
Tank Hunters. This takes a while because the oil derricks must supply you with more
money if the supplies run out. Then, build a War Factory. Make Battlemaster Tanks and
five Dragon Tanks. Then, select all the men (both Red Guards and Tank Hunters) and
charge them into the enemy base. Use the tanks to escort the men in front. Make sure
the men do not pass up the tanks to keep the men from getting run over by enemy
vehicles. The men should provide cover fire for the tanks. With this tactic, the
enemy does not stand a chance.

On the last mission for China, first build a Command Center with the Cash Hack bonus
(Cash Hack 3 works best). Kill every enemy but the Supply Stash. Kill the Worker and
use the bonus to get money, then destroy it. Build a Gattling Cannon, Propaganda
Center, and War Factory. Go down the hill to where you started. Send eight Hackers
down there and start gaining money. When you have $5,000, build an airfield and send
a jet to explore. If SCUD Storm launches, send Hackers into a bunker and get all
vehicles down the hill. Never use any bonuses until you destroy the SCUD Storm or it
will launch. Wait until you destroy the palace to capture the Oil Derrick.

Submitted by: Fantasma_01
Email: austria_cmrj@hotmail.com

If you’re playing with the GLA,you can easily defeat your enemy using your Tunnels!
Build a Tunnel Network next to your enemy base, other next to your Barracks and another
next to your Arms Dealer.Now you can “teleport” your units trough the tunnels just by
puting them inside it.You can even transport 10 SCUD Launchers trough these tunnels!
This hint also work on Command & Conquer Zero Hour

Fine Art Of War map:
Build two Tomahawks and put them on the ledges next to the towers on both sides.
Nothing can get them and they will rank up quickly.

Submitted by: coolmaliya

In this game the most difficult mission the last one,called (mission 7)
“Nuclear winter”.Thats because of Gla is powered by their super weapon “Scud stome”.
When the game starts theres a fight between china’s army with Gla.In order to save
time & health order all units except dorzers to do their job.( fight) The easiest way
is use guard (moveing method).That will helps units to effectively defeat enemy,At the
movement computer gives you control,build a propegenda tower and a gattling canon upgrades
on the overloads.During the fighting time dorzers can build nuclear reacter and a barrack.
at the same time create capture building tech.Then set the barrack rallly point to
some ware near enemy barraks,be carefull to protect red guards from enemy.When the army
reach enemy base(small).stop them fighting using guard mode.Order units to destroy 2 tunnel
networks,rebels.The best way is destroy arms dealer and barraks except their Gla hole.
Then while they rebuild both again order red guards to move near to 2 enemy buildings.At
the movement worker finished his work capture arms dealer and barraks.( be carefull keep
red army closer building to protect red guards).while these things going on keep an eye
on 2 dorzers,order them to built
a supply center near supplys, if you have enough cash build a war factory and a command
center.After its finished create a radar disk.
Beter to capture 3 enymy buildings.After capturing use their workers to earn money.Now
your cash will increase so keep an eye on it don’t let it increase up to $ 5000,If it is
up to $5000, Gla launch their scud stome.to reduce the cash build 2,3 tanks and add them
to remaining army.order them to stop Gla entering the base.(use Guard method).Use inferno
cannons to stop enemys from distance attacks( Roket buggy & quad cannons).Now the computer
tells you existing resources not enough so the best way to earn money is build 2,3 hakers.
Be carefull remember to save game always else you will pass your limit &5000 and unable
to end up the game as u wish.When your cash increse build a propegenda center.upgrade
Subliminal Messaging.It will helps overloads to enhance its messaging(healing) power.
Even though they(pc) ask us to build a nuclear missile,when cash increase upto 5000 that
become the end of us.So the best way is to keep general promoting up to 5 star general.
Use artillary barrage,drop mines from air quick heal units and finally when you become
5 star general Emp pulse,most powerfull.
Next step shoud be building a palace using a worker.While these things are going on keep
an eye on fight.After building a palace you will be able to create jarmen kell.send him
secretly to the enymy base.( nearest one)If any attacks come to him send him into nearest
building.When the Arms dealer is discoverd by him.Use artillary barrage to detroy it.
While these are going on keep an eye on the war.when the time passed Gla become more
powerfull with their scud launchers.
To fight agains this is bit difficult(I failed many times).Build air field and 2,3 migs,
(apply 25% armor).Use them cleaverly to destroy this shit.You can use advance guarding
method.But protect them from RPG Rroopers.Now if every thing is going fine send the
jarmen kell into the hills where scud storm is build in.Protect him from tunnel networks.
Better to send a overload to protect him.When the Scud is discoverd.use air mines and
artillary barrage to destroy it.At the same time emp pules also can be used.It will take
some time to destroy scud. (computer never repair it).When the job is done no more big
troubles.So now build more hackers.one arms dealer remains near scud use nuclear missile
ti destroy this later.
Its time for you to create nuclear missile.Use it to destroy their bases.
Big army can be prepared for the war.During genarals promotions u can select nuke cannon
upgrades.This is a very powerfull weapon against enemy bases.With all these defeat enemy.
Win the war.protect chineese emperor.

Victory is yours.

( remember Don’t go any where to collect funds use hackers for that perpose)
( Don’t build a nuclear misile until we destroy their scud)

The Best cheat ever:
Submitted by: Rabih Andari
Email: rabihthejunior@live.com

first,download or install The Hex-Editor program.Now enter it and “open” the INI.big in the
folder where

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