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Conflict Desert Storm Cheats

Conflict Desert Storm

Cheat Codes:
Hold [Left Shift] + [Right Shift] and type desertwatch to unlock the cheat
menu at the options screen.

Cavalry Charge: Destroying ZSUs:
Instead of shooting the ZSUs with an anti-tank launcher, shoot them with
a sniper gun. They should blow-up. You can now “paint” the tanks so an air
strike will blow them up.

Cavalry Charge: Ghostly rolling pot:
Fight your way through the Iraqis. When you are almost to the end, you will
find a camp to the left of the road. Go in it and look for a pot over a
fire. Bring up Bradley and shoot the pot with his pistol (near the stands).
This may require a few attempts. It should roll away into the distance. If
it stops, shoot it again.

Lights Out: Killing General Aziz:
When you are trying to kill general Aziz at the end, take out the “laser”
and lock on so it turns red. He will run out. Take him out with a sniper,
then evacuate.

Lights Out: Easy completion:
When at the tunnel, go to the end and with Foley. Shoot a rocket at the wall
and a walkway should appear. Walk through and you will complete the level.

Safe passage: Finding troop:
When you get to the car that has been blown up, walk to the wall behind it.
A troop will be there.

Destroying helicopters:
When a Hind appears, it will hover above you and start shooting. Do not
bother with the rockets; just use a sniper rifle and shoot its belly twice.

Getting past tanks:
If you are out of grenades, anti-tank weapons, anti-air weapons, C4 or
anything else that can destroy a tank, use the following trick to get past
them. First, kill all the enemy soldiers around. Make sure the gunner of
the tank is taken out. You can kill him with a sniper shot. Take only one
person and have him run at the tank, With smoke bombs equipped, throw a
smoke bomb before the tanks shoot at you. If all went well, you should be
standing directly next to the tank, only it cannot blow you up. Next, move
yourself around the tank, to make the barrel point in another area away
from where your group must pass. Have the rest of your team run to cover,
past the tank. Then have the Man who is standing next to the tank look at
where his team is now located. Make sure they are in cover then throw a
smoke bomb and run. If all goes well, you should get past the tank without
dying. This technique works well in the level where you must escort Dr.
Franklin to the sewers.

Soldier on reserve:
When you are nervous about something coming up, for example, a tank and you
do not have C4 or any missiles, instead of putting all your men on the line,
put one on reserve (leave someone behind). This way, if all the other soldiers
go down a health bar, there is another to heal them. In worst-case scenario,
if all the others die beyond medical help, you still have one person remaining,
which is better than dying altogether.

Tank mines:
On certain levels, tank mines can be truly annoying. Instead of getting your
worst man to go out and run on the mines, throw a grenade on them and they
should all explode.

Cheat mode:
Submitted by: Abhi Raj

At the options screen, hold [Left Shift] and type “desertwatch” to unlock the
cheat menu.

Change soldier color:
You can change the color of your soldier from white to black or black to white
by blowing him up with a grenade and finishing the level. Note: He will lose
experience — do this early.

Easy stats:
If you want Foley to calm himself faster in between shots with his sniper rifle,
enable the “Cheat mode” code. Select a short and easy mission (such as Safe
Passage, Special Delivery, etc.). It does not matter which team you choose
(U.S. Delta Force or British SAS). Do these missions repeatedly about three
times. Foley should get a level increase, be promoted a rank, get a Sniper skill
star, and if your accuracy is high enough, a service medal. This trick only works
if Foley gets over 65% accuracy on the missions.

Spreading out munitions:
Do not give too much of the powerful items such as tank mines, C4, anti-tank guns,
etc. to a single person. If you have this person advance and he gets taken down by
a tank, your other teammates might not have the firepower needed to even get close
to the downed person, let alone heal him. It is always a good idea to have each
teammate equipped with at the least one high powered explosive in case you need to
take something out.

Weak spots on tanks:
All tanks have very heavy front and side armor. However, the tank’s rear is lightly
armored. Smaller tanks can be hit with a rocket almost anywhere and will usually
explode. However, larger tanks must be attacked with an explosive from behind.
If you shoot it from the front or side, chances are you will not even make a dent.

Last resort attack on tanks:
If you need to take out a tank but have no more long range rockets, it is possible
to get close to it without getting hit. First, you will need to have a sniper rifle
to zoom in on the top of the tank to take out the gunner, if there is one. After
he is down, throw a smoke bomb in the direction of the tank. Try to get the smoke
bomb in as close to it as possible. While the smoke is in the air, you can run up
to the tank without being hit. The smoke will make it impossible for the tank to
see you. Get directly next to the tank and plant a C4 next to it. After it is
planted, throw another smoke bomb slightly further away from the tank. Make a mad
dash for the smoke. If you are fast enough, you will get behind the wall of smoke
and can then make your way to safety. Then, detonate the C4. If you have C4 with
a detonator, run to the tank, crouch, plant the C4, then quickly run away.
When you get about 10 feet away, use the detonator to explode the C4.

Last resort attack on SCUDs:
SCUDs can be blown up with the sniper rifle if they are in the launch position.
Shoot the rocket a few times with it.

Charge the enemy:
The game sends an infinite amount of troops after the alarm has been set.
The best way to defend yourself is to charge ahead as fast, but also as safely,
as possible. In some levels you can cut down the number of men by almost fifty.
If you are low on ammunition, health, etc., this is a good way to cut down on
the amount of men you have to deal with. It also works sometimes if you send a
man far ahead and hold him there, then do your objectives for your mission.

AT mines:
Use the following trick if you are tired of always stepping or driving over AT
mines (Cavalry Charge is good for this). First, clear out the area of Iraqi
infantry and armor. Set Foley and Conners up on a hilltop, either lying down or
crouching, and have Jones and Bradley move in the area where the mines are placed.
Have Bradley out of harms way, away from any explosives to cover Jones. If possible,
have Jones move as far as possible into the minefield. Have him set a brick of C4,
then run back out the way you came. Detonate the C4 and you will have an alley
that your men and M2 tank can move through. If you are out of C4, frag grenades
do the same thing, but do not have as much coverage as the C4.

Destroying heavy armor tanks:
Find the man with C4s and give his detonator to someone else. Keep everyone back
except for the man who has the C4. Quickly run to the tank and plant the C4. When
you are finished, get another troop to call him back. When he runs back, the tank
should be focused on him. Change to the man with the detonator and use it. If this
works, everyone should make it out alive. However, if he does not make it, you can
clear the area then heal him. Also, you can trick the tanks by using any of your
men except the demolitions man and create a diversion on the side of the tank
opposite to your team. Get the man next to the tank so that he will not be harmed,
then switch to the demolitions man. While the tank is looking at the other man,
sneak up to it, plant a C4 explosive, and run away.

Destroying helicopters:
When a Hind appears, it will hover above you and start shooting. Do not bother
with the rockets; just use a sniper rifle and shoot its belly twice.

Destroying SCUDs:
On levels such as SCUD Alley, if you have run out of rockets, C4 and grenades,
due to unexpected tanks, etc., SCUDs can be destroyed with the Bradley’s grenade
launcher or by machine gunning them.

Destroying tanks:
* When you see a tank (for example, the one directly in front of you at the start
of Scud Alley), take two people, Foley and Jones. Have Foley shoot out the gunner.
The turret should then rotate a full 360 degrees as if it were checking where the
shot came from. At this point, switch to Jones and run straight at the tank. It is
essential that you reach the tank as soon as possible. As soon as you reach it,
lay down. Foley should snipe off the advancing soldiers. As you are behind the
tank, they do not hit you and instead cause damage to the tank. Plant a C4 and
detonate it. Just let Jones blow up with it. Jones will be dead on the floor behind
a tank (in cover, which is useful). At this point, switch to Bradley and have
everyone follow him. Rush forward using the tank for cover, shooting as you run
then heal Jones. This trick can be used for just about any tank, even moving ones.
Just run up behind them, fire a shot at the back of them and they will stop,
allowing you to plant the explosive.

* To kill tanks easily, equip a mine and plant it directly in front of it.
Note: You will die doing this; make sure you have another soldier ready to heal

Lights Out: Killing General Aziz:
When you get to the point where you must “paint” the building General Aziz is in,
have Jones or your demolition man plant an anti-tank mine directly in front of the
door so that when the bodyguards come out they will be killed immediately. Then,
place your remaining mine slightly farther back so that when Aziz comes out, he is
also killed immediately. You can also lay a stick of C4 a few feet behind the last
mine so that you can detonate it if the mine does not kill Aziz.

Destroying tanks:
* In any level, if you have to face a tank but do not have any anti-tank missiles and
need to get close to it to plant C4, do the following. Take Jones and any other
character. When approaching the tank, make sure you are not near anything that is
high out of the ground (buildings, trees etc.). If you are not, then this decreases
the chance of being hit by a shell. Once near the tank (stand directly next to it
not to get hit), use Jones to plant the C4, and the other character to defend him
from incoming infantry. Once the C4 is planted, follow the same path you took to
go to the tank, and when far away enough, blow up the tank.

* Have Foley use his scope. If you see a tank that has what appears to be a satellite
dish on top, scope in with Foley. Shoot the satellite dish about three to five times
and the tank will explode. Note: Not all tanks have a satellite dish.

Perfect explosions:
To set off the perfect detonation (for example, blowing up a tank, etc.), switch to
Jones and give your detonator to Foley or another member of the team. When Jones
runs in to plant the C4, you do not need him to alive in order to blow up the C4.
You can heal him later. Also, if there is a minefield do not waste C4s; instead use
grenades. If you hit the mines correctly, you could set off a chain reaction. Bradley
and Connors typically have the most grenades. Finally, you can blow up a tank that
has a satellite on it by firing two sniper shots with Foley.

Patriotic Defense: Hidden RPG and light machine gun:
Switch characters to Jones, who is defending the rear. You will see a tunnel to the left.
Go in it. Once the tunnel ends, keep going into the next one. When an Iraqi appears,
shoot him then make a right turn. You can go either straight or left. Go to the left to
find a hidden RPG and light machine gun against the wall you are facing when you come out.
If you went in the correct direction, there should also be a truck at that location.

Patriotic Defense: Killing the sniper:
On your way up the stairs to the marketplace, there is a sniper behind the stairs. Well
you can take him out without taking a hit. At the beginning, where the hidden tank located,
is a walk-way to the left. Follow it to the end then make a left. At the end is a staircase.
Go up it and you will see the sniper. Take out your knife and kill him silently to get
stealth points.

Spreading out munitions:
Do not give too much of the powerful items such as tank mines, C4, anti-tank guns, etc.
to a single person. If you have this person advance and he gets taken down by a tank,
your other teammates might not have the firepower needed to even get close to the downed
person, let alone heal him. It is always a good idea to have each teammate equipped with
at the least one high powered explosive in case you need to take something out.

Kill any tank gunner:
Note: This glitch only works on the:T-72, T-62, BMP-1, and BMP-2. First get any player
safely next to a tank (this works best on the mission Patriotic Defence). Switch to
another player and go to the tank, make sure your teammate is facing the side of the
tank and is right next to it. Then shoot your teammate he should fall glitched in the
tank, heal him (if you can’t go prone and go into aim mode, look under the tank and heal
your teammate). Switch to him and pull out your knife, stand directly under the gunners
position, which is on the left-handside of the turret. Stand up and start to knife in
that exact position or maybe try and knife all over the place (in that exact position).
Then you should hear a grunt as in the noise a soldier makes when he gets killed, the
gunner will be dead and the turret will be inactive. For some reason you can’t kill
the driver.

Destroying tanks:
Have Jones throw a smoke grenade directly at the tank so it cannot see you. Run to it,
then plant a C4 on it. Be careful not to get squashed, then throw another smoke grenade
and run and detonate.

If you have no rockets or grenades remaining for a tank, have two of your men run at the
tank. Make sure you take out gunner if present. Have one person stand on one side of the
turret and the other person stand on the other side, so that the turret cannot turn to
kill you .When the turret is stuck, have your other man to complete the mission by himself.
Remember to tell the two people who are holding the turret to stay where they are or the
turret will kill them. You will lose players with this tacticm but you will complete the

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