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Conqueror 940 AD Cheats

Conqueror 940 AD

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Hints, Tips, and Thoughts:
Written by gkmetty

* The three hostile kingdoms are Lorillow, Penalia, and Regania. I recommend t
hat you avoid contacting these kingdoms until you can defend your settlement.

* There are many troop types. I prefer to avoid researching troops that I wont
use. I don’t waste time on low or middle tier troops. I find they just die
defending against raids. I tolerate raids until I can field an army of high-end
troops. A good Halberdier with enhance armor and enhanced attack tares up raiders.

* It is always profitable to buy weapons or troops when they are offered in your
throne room. You can always sell the weapons for more then you paid for them.
The troops you are offered may not be of high quality, but they are always
cheaper then if you built them yourself.

* Early in the game Bartering is the most useful skill. You will see the impact
this skill has on the market prices when you move the sliders. The starting
price for food may be 10 but with a little skill in barter it will change to
3 etc.

* It is easy to select a building or a skill and forget to activate the action
with the activation slider. It is also easy to activate an action but forget
to select a building to build or a skill to train. Double check before you
advance the day.

* Remember the game auto saves every day and you can go back 5 days. This allows
you to back out a bad trade, trades take 3 days, or go back a day if a throne
room action went badly.

* You can only trade with kingdoms if you have a good relationship. Early in the
game if something gives you a negative relationship with one of your trading
partners, you won’t be able to trade with them until the relationship improves.

* Early in the game avoid researching technologies that add a percentage to
commodity output. Adding 15% production increase to 5 production will provide
a gain of less than one production while researching Granary 2 or Forestry 2
will provide an increase of 3 production, plus other benefits.

* In the early game selling food is a way to gain quick gold. Once you have four
of five hundred gold saved, see if it is more profitable to buy and resell other
commodities. If prices are right, you may be able to buy and resell stone for
30 or 40 gold profit each. Do not buy weapons for resale until you have an armory.
You won’t be able to resell weapons unless you have enough Armory space to hold
the weapons. This applies during the entire game.

* Check the cost of crafting weapons compared to buying. I find that a low-priced
weapon is often cheaper than the cost of all the components needed to craft.
Many weapons require wood, and I would rather use the wood for buildings.

* In the early game food is only used to sell or meet situation requirements in
your throne room. Later in the game food is needed to create troops.

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