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Corruption of Champions II Cheats

Corruption of Champions II

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Beat the Godess of Knowledge (Duel of Wits Achievement):
Written by lilium810

This is a quick step by step to beat the godess of knowledge, require for
the achievement “Duel of Wits”.

-=Nareva Talk Battle Solution=-
To start you need to tell her to release both slamander and then do that:

-=First Step=-
Inquire: Inquire, keep quiet, disagree.
Question: keep quiet, dismiss, question n2, retort n2, inquire n2.

-=Second Step=-
Question n1: keep quiet, question, inquire.
Question n2: inquire, no n1, doubt.
Now you can go for Inquire: rebut, keep quiet, rebut.

-=Third Step=-
Question n1: feint, question, doubt, accuse n1.
Question n2: probe, question, keep quiet, keep quiet.
Now you can go for Inquire: call out, keep quiet, point.
Now Protest, reveal.

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