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Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure Cheats

Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Dj Simo

Pressing [Tab]+[Del]+[F12] at once activates debug mode:

Key Efffect
[F10] [G] – God mode
[F10] [W] – Warp
[F10] [M] – Display memory usage statistics
[F10] [C] [0] – Unlimited objects

Health and bombs:
Pressing [C] [0] [F10] down simultaneously will give you a
full health and bombs. (Once per game)

Command Line Parameter “apogee” will do all sorts of funny stuff.
The most important is : if you die quickly enough after entering
a level, you’ll be invincible from then on, to everything but pits
on the bottom of the level.

Start the game with the cosmo1 -next command line.
Then hold [Shift] + G + O + D. Note: All save and restore functions
will be disabled.

Perpetual Bomb Generation:
If you use a bomb to blow up an Eye Plant, you will gain an extra bomb.
This will allow you to gain free points without decreasing your bomb
supply. On top of that, there’s also a 50,000 point bonus for blowing
up 15 Eye Plants on a level!

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