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Cossacks – Back to War Cheats

Cossacks – Back to War

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Dedi Sianturi
E-mail: d3diboy@boleh.com

In-game just press ‘Enter’ and enter one of this codes
(do not forget to press ‘Enter’ again)

Code Result
izmena – Switch to other players by clicking their color
multitvar – Access other players units by pressing “P”
supervizor – Toggle show entire map
www – The above 3 cheats combined
money – Give 50000 Wood, Food, Stone, Gold, Iron and Coal
VICTORY – Win level (CASE sensitive!)

Unlock All Units:
To use this cheat press enter and type multitvar. This will
display all units. Just select one and then click on any where
on the map. To bring back the units press P

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