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Counter-Strike – Source Cheats

Counter-Strike – Source

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

During gameplay, press ~ to display the text prompt and type in sv_cheats 1.
Press ~ and enter one of the following cheat.

Result Code
Spawn indicated item – give [name]
16,000 cash – impluse 101
Toggle bot AI – bot_stop [0 or 1]
Allow bot to join game for indicated team – bot_add_ct or bot_add_t
Kill all bots – bot_kill
Toggle bot using pistols only – bot_pistols_only [0 or 1]
Toggle bot using snipers only – bot_snipers_only [0 or 1]
Bot automatically follows you if you do not
give them orders – bot_auto_follow
Bots will not do mission objectives and will
expect humans to do it – bot_defer_to_human 1
Kick all bots from game and leaves humans to play – bot_kick
Bots use only knives – bot_knives_only
Bots have a prefix in their name – bot_prefix [prefix]
See where bot is going – bot_show_nav
Weapon hits nearest enemy – sv_clienttrace 99999999999
Skulls fall from sky – impulse 99
Change skin – settings
Spawn props – props!
Third person – view thirdperson
Larger crosshairs – cl_crosshairscale 50000
Stable crosshairs – cl_dynamiccrosshair 0
Change C4 detonation time – mp_c4timer [number]
Clear walls – mat_proxy 2
Flying bodies/objects – phys_pushforce #
Fly around the map without taking damage – noclip
Moving numbers that show player shadows – r_shadowids 1
Alter gravity to # setting – sv_gravity #
Invisible walls – mat_wireframe 3
Enable wireframe player models – r_drawothermodels 2
Hide stats at bottom of screen – net_graph 0

Thirdperson in CSS:
As you all maybe don’t know what thirdperson is, I will explain short. Thirdperson
is when you can see your full character. First person (when you only see your hands
and gun). Here comes the point. Start CSS normally and click ‘create new server’.
choose any random map and SPECTATE when you join. Open up the console and write
‘sv_cheats 1’ then you write ‘bot_stop’ (afftecting the bots so they won’t move
anywhere, only duck) and join. write in your console ‘thirdperson’ and you will
see something pretty amazing. Leave the bot-server and join your favorite servers.
It’s not so easy to control your aiming when you’re in this state, because you’ve
been playing with hands and gun from the beginning. Have fun, smile and kill some

Getting onto tall boxes without boost:
Buy a frag grenade and stand next to the box that you want to get on. Throw
the grenade opposite the box from you onto the floor. Jump, press against the
box, and you will be boosted very high. If timed correctly you can get yourself
on the box at a cost of 40 HP.

Press ~ during playing to activate console. Then write NOCLIP. You’ll be able
to walk in the air and move through buildings! (Note: in order for the cheat
to work, sv_cheats must be turned to 1)

AK47/M4A1 tip:
These rifles are almost completely useless while moving. While strafing left or
right, quickly press the opposite direction and fire. The first bullet always
hits the crosshair (first two bullets for the m4) so always try to aim for the

Crosshair tips:
Type cl_crosshairscale 50000 in the console. This makes headshots easier.
Changing cl_dynamiccrosshair to 0 disables the crosshair from moving.

Grenade Throw – Weapon Swap:
Getting caught by the enemy weaponless after having just released a grenade
can become… well, frustrating. However, if you press Q just after release,
you will flick out your gun straight after throwing the grenade. It takes
some practice, but it’s well worth it.

Efficient Grenade Throwing:
To get the maximum range on a grenade, run forwards in the direction you are
throwing it to increase the maximum throw distance.

Easy headshots:
Type bind “mouse1;click” “mouse;click2” “s” shoot;kill at the console window.
You will auto headshot almost every time. If you do not auto headshot, simply
click again.

Weapon names:
Use one of the following entries with the “give” code to spawn the indicated weapon.
Note: They must be activated while there is nothing in your hand.

Weapon Code
M249 (heavy machine gun) – weapon_m249
TMP (silenced SMG) – weapon_tmp
M4A1 (silenced rifle) – weapon_m4a1
Desert Eagle (Night Hawk) – weapon_deagle
HE grenade (high explosive) – weapon_hegrenade
AWP (magnum sniper rifle) – weapon_awp
P90 (gun with 50 bullets per clip) – weapon_p90
Scout (weakest sniper rifle) – weapon_scout
Glock (terrorist default pistol) – weapon_glock
AK47 (terrorist default rifle) – weapon_ak47
Bullpup rifle – weapon_aug
Magnum sniper rifle – weapon_awp
Counter-terrorist pistol – weapon_elite
Clarion 5.56 – weapon_famas
Weakest pistol – weapon_fiveseven
Flashbang grenade – weapon_flashbang
D3AU – weapon_g3sg1
IDF Defender – weapon_galil
Terrorist pistol – weapon_glock18
HE grenade – weapon_fraggrenade
Pump shotgun – weapon_m3super90
Weak SMG – weapon_mac10
SMG – weapon_mp5
13 round pistol – weapon_p228
Weak sniper rifle – weapon_scout
Krieg 550 – weapon_sg550
Krieg 552 – weapon_sg552

Easy wins:
Buy the following in order to do it properly: shotgun (any kind), smoke bomb, Kevlar
and helmet. You will also need lots of teammates. Play as a terrorist. Command your
teammates to follow you. Go directly to the tunnel going to bomb site A. Shoot your
opponents immediately. After doing that, have the bomb carrier immediately plant the
bomb. After the bomb is planted, throw a smoke bomb into the wooden door. Stand beside
the door and make sure you cannot be seen by your opponents. Use your shotgun to shoot
opponents that come inside the door.

More ammunition:
Play as a terrorist and on a server where you can pick up weapons with no ammo. When
you pick one up when you are terrorist and it has some ammo, keep the gun. Try not to
use any ammo/. When the round ends, drop your pistol and keep you main gun (usually an
SMG like the MP5/40 or the UMP 77). On the next round you will get your pistol back,
but it will be equipped with more ammo. If you check your main gun, you will notice
that it to will be equipped with more ammo.

* Use the following trick to avoid being caught defenseless after throwing a grenade.
Press Q just after releasing a grenade. You will flick out your gun immediately after
throwing the grenade. Note: This requires some practice.
* To get the maximum range on a grenade, run forwards in the direction you are throwing

Strange formation:
Enable the wc_create code at the console window. Then, go outside of the de_weedwood
map. Look in the distance, and you should see a plot of land with rocks. Go to it. Some
of the effects there are very interesting.

Cheat Code:
Submitted by: Mashuq Wolverine Tyson

if you are the host of the game so then first activate cheats by writing “sv_cheats 1”
then type one of these cheats for good result:(before of every cheats type “sv_cheats 1”)

cl_crosshairscale 12000 – for better aim
noclip – for better speed
notarget – for invisible
god – for god mod
impulse 101 – for 16000$ money
try every cheats it works.

Really easy and fun win:
Submitted by: tarique nadeem

start normally and choose the map dust 2.play as terrorist.all you need to buy is a krieg
552. ti costs about $3100 but its worth it. then stand on the edge of the starting area,
near the barrier and look at the double doors. the kriege 552 zooms in if you right click.
right click and point at the door. count how many counter terrorists go left.(on the very
first round and a few other times they come through the double doors which makes it easier.
just stand at the starting point, zoom in and take them out one by one)if no ct goes on the
left, they will surely come by the second double doors(on the righ corner of the map) or by
the lane (above and on the right side of the double doors) if mosts ct go on the left, you
go on the right using the lane. if most ct goes on the right, you go on the left by using
the tunnel (use the left side entrance) dont expect either to be empty, but take them out
anyway. never call for back up unless you really need it because your backup may block your
aim or even shoot you by mistake. after you plant the bomb, its best to plant the bomb then
to call for backup because you will need all the help you can get.by the way, its a lot
more fun if you waste some rounds to make it a bigger challenge

Counter-Strike:Source Non-Steam:
Custom settings:

Sudhanshu Warfighter
Email: sudhanshukr98@gmail.com

Hey friends I think you all have downloaded new version of CSS by noSTEAM.
I have a hint for that. You have seen that you can’t change player’s name,
Clan Tag and Cutscene after starting game. U can do it by opening rev.ini file
in game directory. Open it and change player name, clan tag and Set Start
Screen=False to True. Now start the game then see what happens!!
Contact me for more help and hints.

Type /bind p “chooseteam;menuselect 6;menuselect [1 or 2];menuselect 2” at the console
window in v1.1 or greater. Note: Enter “1” for the terrorists or “2” for the
counterterrorist sides. After dying, press P.

Easy headshots:
Type bind “mouse1;click” “mouse;click2” “s” shoot;kill at the console window.
You will auto headshot almost every time. If you do not auto headshot, simply
click again.

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