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Creatures 2 Cheats

Creatures 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Vasil Salchenko
E-mail: vvs@ces.kht.ru

Creatures21.0Privileges “User” to “BlueBerry4$” –
creat and kill Norn, activate powerup`s, load&save
world and more functions.

Creatures2Hatchery1.0 “Omelette” to “Cool and
groovy” – new set eggs.

1. Open Creatures 2.
2. Hatch a creature. Wait for it to die.
3. While registering the creature’s death, instead
of a usual epitaph type the word “Groovy” (without quotes!)
4. A new page will come up in the Graveyard kit. It’s cool,
like something you’d see on a wall in a dance club. This
new page will disappear after you close the kit!

Get Your Norns:
Here’s a tip that can be helpful: instead of luring your norns into a
teleporter, use the Flying Saucer! It’s in the Object Injector, and
you get a satellite type thing. Bring it anywhere, then click on it
and your selected creature will be carried by flying saucer to the
destination of the satellite.

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