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Cyberpunk 2077 Cheats

Cyberpunk 2077

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

How to Save Barry (Happy Together):
Written by OncomingStormDW

This is spoilers for the side quest, Happy Together.

It involves a character named Barry, It is assigned by two police officers
who are standing next to the staircase in front of your Apartment.

-=Saving Barry=-
The point of this quest is that sometimes you should stick around and listen
to the NPCs instead of skipping their dialogue, only selecting options that are
highlighted to progress the story, and that sometimes, Optional objectives are
worth your time.

If this was the hint you needed, good, take a moment and see if you figured
it out.

-=If not, here is the Quick-Steps version=-
* Use any of the options once you reach his door, he will then let you in.
* Sit next to him and talk to him, make sure to use the kindest possible option
in the first choice.
* In the second choice, make sure to ask him how Andrew died, he will then reveal
that he has a niche in the local equivalent of a graveyard.
* This will take you back to the second choice, choose the kinder option…
(Do Not Pick The “Forget About Him” Option)
* Visit Andrew’s grave
* After being berated by Johnny, you will then have a new gold dialog option
when you speak to the cops who gave the mission, using it will result in them
intervening and saving Barry’s life.
* Mission Accomplished, Samurai.

Save Game Editing:
You will need to go to;

C:Users< your username >Saved GamesCD Projekt RedCyberpunk 2077

Now that you are there you should see files titled ManualSave and AutoSave. You
should now locate the saves you wish to edit and identify them either by looking
at the date saved or the screenshot.png located inside the folders. Make sure that
you navigate to the correct folder and change the username to match yours.

Open the file that’s title contains metadata within your saves folder with a text
editor of your choice.

The information in this file should align with your current game state e.g. Gender,
current quest, position and lifepath. Now to change these values you simple edit
them, for example, if I wished to change physical gender and the pronouns my
character uses i would change bodyGender and brain gender from “Male” to “Female”
like so

Now just load up the game and witness the changes you have made.

How to Access Bonus Content:
Written by >noderunner_

How to access bonus content including the Soundtrack, Wallpapers, Avatars, Short
Story, Posters, and Sourcebook.

-=Method #1: Steam Properties=-
Right click on the game in your Steam library and select “Properties”.
A window will open, click on the “LOCAL FILES” tab then on the “BROWSE LOCAL FILES…”
You are in the game folder. Navigate to the “BonusContent” folder.

-=Method #2: Manual=-
You’ll find the bonus content in the following location:

…SteamsteamappscommonCyberpunk 2077BonusContent

Radio Stations List:
Written by Glyber Dunk

A tier list of the radio stations.

Tier List: Hip-Hop / Modern


The Dirge is in my opinion the best flat out, because it has modern artists that
we all know and love, mixed with a-lot of ones we’ve never heard of; yet they seem to
all feel like they belong, and seem accurate to what a cyber punk hood rat would
listen to.

-=Tier List: EDM=-

Honestly the first two stations are the only decent ones in my opinion, the other
two seem to be very arcade and do not fit night cities theme at all.

-=Tier List: Screamo=-

No station ranks pretty high here for me, because if you’re listening to screamo in
CP77 you probably need to be alone with your thoughts, it gets better man. I promise.

Vending Machine Exploit Guide:
Written by Tannco

How to Profit

* Purchase the “Mechanic” perk.
* Buy stuff from vending machine.
* Be ware, only buy from those selling price is 10$.
* Disassemble what you bought, you’ll get 6 common components and 3 uncommon components.
* Each common can sell for 5$, 8$ for uncommon one.
* Sell the components you get.(or you can keep it for crafting)
* Profit.

How to Change Key Bindings:
Written by Syn MarviN

Guide to Change Key Bindings

Change Windows View pane to Show Hidden Files.
Go C:UsersYOUAppdataCDPRCP77Usersettings.json and edit these for arrow key usage.

-=How to Edit Keybindings=-

“name”: “forward”,
“type”: “name”,
“value”: “IK_Up”,
“default_value”: “IK_W”
“name”: “back”,
“type”: “name”,
“value”: “IK_Down”,
“default_value”: “IK_S”
“name”: “left”,
“type”: “name”,
“value”: “IK_Left”,
“default_value”: “IK_A”
“name”: “right”,
“type”: “name”,
“value”: “IK_Right”,
“default_value”: “IK_D”

Defeating Adam Smasher boss:
During the “Totalimmortal” main mission, you will fight Adam Smasher. It is recommended
to equip a revolver, assault rifle, and sniper rifle (this covers different types of ammo
so you do not run out of bullets). Adam Smasher will initially use melee attacks. Shoot
off his right arm (when aiming at him, to your left). Once he loses this body part, it
causes him a lot of damage and he will stop using melee attacks. He will then mostly
resort to using the rocket launcher on his back. When he shoots rockets, you will always
want to keep moving because they are targeted at the area where you were standing. They
are easy to avoid. Between his missile charges, shoot him with the sniper rifle and assault
rifle from a distance. He will also start spawning some lesser enemies as his health drops.
The ninja-type enemies are easily defeated with 1-2 frag grenades (they may evade your
bullets — so throw a grenade to save ammo). Circle around the upper area and keep your
distance to Adam Smasher. Only focus on the lesser enemies when they get close to you,
otherwise focus your attention on Adam Smasher. He has a lot of health, but after his
initial melee phase, he is pretty limited in his moves. Shoot off the rocket launcher on
his back, and he will be defenseless and not have much left to attack you. At that point,
you could also hit him with melee weapons if you run out of ammo.

How to Disable double-tap Dodge:
Go to r6config.

* Open “inputContexts.xml” with a text editor.
* Search (Ctrl+F) for . Look at the lines directly below.
* Next to DodgeForward, DodgeRight, DodgeBack, and DodgeLeft will have the count set to 2.
Change this number to 99.
* Save and exit the file.

With these changes, you can no longer double-tap in a direction to dodge, but you can
still hold a desired direction and double-tap the crouch button to dodge in that direction.

How to Get the Mantis Blades:
Written by Viix

In order to get the Mantis Blades, you need to visit a ripperdoc.
To be eligible for the Mantis Blades, you need 20 street cred and 16,000 euro.

Mantis Blades also have their own special attack, after holding and releasing your
left mouse button, V leaps forward towards a target and stabs them for massive damage.

Tip: You should focus on reflexes, which increases your movement speed, passive evasion,
crit chance, and damage from Mantis Blades.

Hints, tips, tricks, and secrets:
* Save Skill Points: Do not use your skill/attribute points immediately after earning them.
Sometimes you will encounter mission objectives that require a technical skill check to
overcome —- like a locked door. In conversations, you can also do certain things if your
skills/attributes are high enough. You can pause the game in the middle of a conversation
to upgrade those skills and pass the checks.

* Earn Extra Skill Points By Doing Everything: Do not focus on just one weapon or playstyle.
Frequently change playstyles. Grab a shotgun in a level. Use stealth takedowns. Hack
everything and start crafting in the menu from the start. You can sprint everywhere instead
of driving to earn Athletic XP. By doing all this, you will earn skill points to use on
anything, not just the skills you earned them from.

* that allow you to inflict substantially more damage with headshots. Combine that with a
silenced weapon skill that increases damage even more for a deadly stealth headshot build.

* Quickhack Everything: You gain XP every time you hack something in the environment. Use all
available ram whenever possible to get more XP while exploring or fighting —- earning extra
hack XP will provide more skill points. It is recommended to get in the habit of opening
your hack scanner anyway since you can find bounties, access points, and more with quickhacks.

* Hack Access Points For Easy Money And Crafting Components: Access Points are found basically
everywhere in the environment. If you see cameras or objects connected to a network, use Ping
to easily find Access Points —- or just scan and find them nearby. Make sure to complete as
many of the reward conditions as possible. Additionally, hacking an Access Point leads to a
short mini-game where you need to connect numbers in a series —- the numbers need to be on
the same row/column. The more of the numbers you connect correctly, the more rewards you

* Avoid Using Fast Travel: If you only fast travel, you will miss out on conversations for
calls and texts on your phone. Usually these are for nearby missions (gigs) marked with a
yellow “?” on the map. Complete as many of these as possible to earn extra money.

* Loot Most Things: Do not just take the loot you need and leave the rest. Check bodies
after a gunfight and grab weapons, as you can dismantle them for crafting parts. Use scan
to find items that are junk specifically made for selling —- sometimes you will find
something rare and very valuable. You need a lot of money — so grab all the weapons and
open all the boxes. However, you do not need to grab random junk.

* Do Not Rush Through Act 1: At the start of Act 2, you need to buy a new vehicle. If you
do not have enough money, you will have to walk around Night City. Take your time and
complete many hustles and gigs to get extra money before attempting “The Heist” mission.

* Quickly Buy A New Cyberdeck: The starting Cyberdeck is worthless because it cannot be
upgraded. You will not notice this in the early game, but quickhacking can be a very useful
tool, especially if you want to sneak.

* Get A Level 20 Sniper Rifle At The Start: You can find a very powerful sniper rifle at
the start of the game. On “The Ripperdoc” beginner quest, you will enter the neighborhood
with Jackie. Enter the Esoterica shop, but stop in the alley before taking the stairs down
to the Ripperdoc. To the left is a path to an elevator. Follow it to the rooftops and
check the chest near the ledge to find a Level 20 SPT32 Grad Sniper Rifle. It does 694-848
damage. Its full potential is unlocked at Body 6. It sells for 642.

Infinite money:
To farm money with crafting, unlock the following basic perks:

* Advanced Datamine: Level 1 – Upgrades the Datamine daemon, increasing the amount of
eurodollars acquired from Access Points by 50%.
* Mechanic: Level 1 – Gain more components when disassembling.
* Workshop: Level 1 – Disassembling items grants a 5% chance to gain a free component of
the same quality as the disassembled item.

That last perk is not required, but it helps when crafting. Access Points are a great way to
farm for free components — so you might as well earn +50% money each time you loot. Next,
travel to a soda machine. There are many in your building. Simply buy lots of NiCola and
other drinks —- make sure they cost 10 from the vending machine. Disassemble the junk you
purchased from the vending machine to get six Common Components and 3 Uncommon Components.
Then, sell the components at any vendor. Common Components sell for 5 each, and uncommon
sell for 8 each. For a 10 investment, you will get 54, giving a 44 profit for each soda you
purchase. Buy 50 NiCola for 500, then disassemble all of them and sell the components to
earn 2,520 per machine. You can only purchase 50 in each machine, but if you find multiple
machines in a row (like in your apartment building), you can easily buy 100, 150, or 200
to maximize your profits and earn 10,000+. Unlock the Scrapper perk to make this easier.
These machines are literally all over the city. Just purchase as many sodas as possible,
collect everything, and sell the scrap for huge profits.

Johnny Silverhand’s weapon:
The Malorian Arms 3516 is a very powerful and unique pistol. The gun shoots explosive
rounds and fires a flamethrower attack when using the melee function. The Malorian Arms
3516 is given by Grayson for completing the “Chippin’ In” side-job, which is unlocked
after completing the “Tapeworm” side-job, which involves completing multiple other
missions. Successfully complete the “Automatic Love”, “Transmission”, “Life During Wartime”,
and “Search And Destroy” missions. Talk to Johnny Silverhand after each of these major
missions. Once you complete these missions, you will be near the end-game. Return to the
Afterlife bar, and talk to Rogue to start the “Chippin’ In” major side-job. Complete it
to unlock Johnny Silverhand’s powerful weapon.

Riding the rollercoaster:
There is a rollercoaster on the coast of Pacifica, Coastview. The rollercoaster becomes
available once you reach Act 2 in the story. Even if you are under-leveled for Pacifica,
you should not have issues walking to the rollercoaster entrance booth. Go to the Mega
Ride gate area to find the rollercoaster. Scan the cart to see the power is out. To the
left of the cart is a lower section under the railing with a walkway. This maintenance
area has a yellow “DANGER” electrical box. Interact with it to restore power to the
coaster. You can now return to the cart and choose to get in. Johnny will even talk to
you. He will ride alongside you the entire time. As you ride, you can also interact to
raise your hands. Watch for the island to the far east to see a space shuttle launch.

Secret Arasaka Memorial Room:
Travel to City Center, Corpo Plaza, and go to the Arasaka Building. To the left of the
main doors is the Arasaka Memorial. Enter and go to the back of the hallway. Enter “2023”
as a code. Inside are the names of developers on the walls.

Secret Kabuki Developer Room:
Travel to the circle-shaped mall in Kabuki, Watson. It is the mall where you visit the
Nethacker vendor for a main job. Go around to the back of the mall to find a door with
a keypad near the stairs in the lower section of the mall. Check the map for an exact
location. If you found the correct door, Johnny will appear and challenge you to open
it. Enter “605185” as a code on the keypad to unlock the garage door. You can sit down
inside the tech room, and Johnny will play his guitar for you. Select the TV power icon
to view a series of photos of the developers.

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