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Dark Continent Cheats

Dark Continent

-Swing vines to cross canyon.
-Climb palm -> fuel.
-Steal ruppee from beggar’s cup.
-Buy knife from stall.
-Pour fuel in tank of plane.
-Go airplane twice.
-Fly it -> canyon.
-Stab crocodile with knife -> n.
-Skin croc.
-Make shoes with crocodile skin & cobbler’s bench.
-Decipher the witch doctor’s parchment with the paper
on the bench.
-Paint face yellow, Kiss pig, Beat drum, Sing song after
u find ore -> key.
-Unlock the box in the cave behind the waterfall with key.
-Dig dirt in the hole -> diamond.
-Hurl spear at elephant to kill it & get its tusks.
-Give shoes & tusks to ship captain as payment.

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