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Dark Orbit Cheats

Dark Orbit

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

If you sell all of your lasers and fire at an enemy with a laser they won’t
take hit but you’ll be firing the laser!

Get uridium:
buy it is the best way but i would suggest waiting for special events when
they give you banking doubles or triples in bounus boxes so when you buy it
you get double or triple the amount you would normally get. Another easy way
of getting it is waiting for the special quests and do as many or them as you
can, you get a fair bit of uridium from them.

You click on an enemy ( make sure it is not your company, you will lose honor
points), then click on the tab that says laser attack. If you want to fire a
rocket, do the same thing but click on rocket attack. if you want to do them
both at the same time, click laser attack and then rocket attack.

Streuner (x-1;x-2): 400 experience, 400 credits, 1 Uridium, 2 Honor.
Lordakia (x-2;x-3;x-4): 800 experience, 800 credits, 2 Uridium, 4 Honor.
Saimon (x-3;x-4): 1600 experience, 1600 credits, 4 Uridium, 8 Honor.
Mordon (x-3;x-4): 3200 experience, 6400 credits, 8 Uridium, 16 Honor.
Devolaner (x-3): 6400 experience, 51200 credits, 16 Uridium, 32 Honor.
Sibelon (x-4): 12800 experience, 102000 cedits, 32 Uridium, 64 Honor.
Cubikon (X-6): 120000 experience, 2500000 credits, 300 Uridium.
Kristalion (X-7): 51500 experience, 420400 credits 128 Uridium.
Kristillin (X-7): 6400 experience, 1 4000 credits, 16 Uridium.
Lordakum (X-5): 23000 experience, 230000 credits, 64 Uridium.
Siblanite (X-5): 8200 experience, 10100 credits, 8 Uridium.
Siblatite (X-3, X-4): 16000 experience, 1600 credits, 4 Uridium.

Submitted by: MINDTREADER

If you’re a cheapskate penny pincher like me and don’t want to spend any real
world cash on this game, then:

1st, Don’t bother upgrading your ship. Stay with the Phoenix for a long while.
2nd, get a Cloak Type I at the Hangar. It’s 500 Uridium.
3rd, take all the mining quests first and save your credits.
4th, regularly offload your raw ore when you run out of cargo space.
5th, Save for last the mining quest that requires you to harvest 300 ore in 10

* If your ship is destroyed, the next one is free as long as you don’t upgrade.
You lose no equipment, no experience, no ore, no Uridium to replace your lost

* Of course, if you want to have a more interesting game, by all means, spend
real money if and only if you have the banking doubler or tripler.

Submitted by: n00be

There is a USA hack. You have to text “Big 451973” to 944-44. Make sure you put a
space between Big and the number. Then text your user ID after conformation. This
will give you 1,000,000 Uridium.

* First, choose venus as your company when you sign up.
* next, go to quests and do the easy prometium quest.
* click start.
* find red rocks until you see 20/20 on the top right hand corner.
* go to trade. find a cloaking device. buy it for 500 uridium.
* keep doing the raw material quests until you can do no more.
* now get tough.
* get the 10 lordakia quest. when you defeat a lordakia , a glowing thing should appear.
* click on the glowing thing.
* go to labratory.
* make one green rock and one pink rock. sell them repeat until you finished the quest.
* when you can buy a drone, do it. Attatch a laser to the drone.
* save up uridium for a 5000 uridium ship.
* now do whatever you want.

Dangerous aliens:
Submitted by: KnightShadowEx-LT

(goliath recommended) Cubikons, Lordakiums, Kristalons……

Submitted by: glen

big 493111 to 84212 remember space between big and 493111 for 5000 uridium.

Submitted by: david

There are some hints in here that say text big ad a number, do not do it because
you will be pying 1.50 for 5000 uri but you will not get it, only send a text to
cigpoint if you got the number from the bigpoint payment screen wich you will find
under credits on darkorbit.

Hidden maps:
There are hidden maps on dark orbit. To find them, follow this guide. I reccomend not
doing this unless you have a bigboy, a vengence or goliath. Go to map x-4.
You will find a jumpgate in between two other ones. go through it. Next, go to the
center jumpgate. (You will find that you can not see it on the map that pops up after
you jump) go through it. You are in a secret map! Explore but beware! the jumpgates
do not offer protection!

Submitted by: pastslayer

strunnners X-1 – 400 credits, 1 uridium, 400 exp.
lordicaka X-2 X-3 X-4 X-5 – 800 credits, 2 uridiums, 800 exp.
siblatite X-3 X-4 – 1600 credits, 4 uridiums, 16000 exp.
mordons X-3 X-4 – 6400 credits, 8 uridums, 3200 exp.
devoleum X-3 – 51000 credits, 16 uridems, 6400 exp.
siblions X-4 – 108000 credits, 32 uradiums, 12350 exp.

siblanites X-5 – 10100 credits, 8 uradiums, 8200 exp.
lordakum X-5 – 230000 credits, 64 uradiums, 23000 exp.
cubikon X-6 – 2500000 credits, 300 uradiums, 120000 exp.
kristillins X-7 – 14000 credits, 16 uradiums, 6400 exp.
kristalions X-7 – 420400 credits, 128 uradiums, 51500 exp.

One map left unknown map X-8 look it is said there are strutners of other types
there but i dont know become lvl 12 and find out!

Submitted by: mick

For 100,000 uridium text the code: BIG 617233 to 84212.
after i did it the game has been so much easeir happy gameing.

Submitted by: SuperflyWhiteguy

If you text ‘BIG 612729’ to 82414 you will get 5,000 Uridium, but be careful not to
do it too much, as Bigpoint will catch on to the hack and fix it! Get the uri while
it lasts.

Submitted by: rock-hard

For 1,500,000 uri text BIG 243855 to 94444 and you will be the best there is :).

Submitted by: davy boy

text big 627675 to 84212 for 50,000. uridium this is the new hack so hurry before they
shut it down.

Submitted by: Arran

Text BIG 627815 to 84212. Make sure there is a space between BIG and 627815.
This will give you 200’000 uridium. The text only costs 10 pence/ cents.
This makes the game soooooooooo much easier and i’d recomend it to ANYONE.
Don’t do this toooooo much as the hacker (me) will get found out by the game.

Submitted by: Sinan

New code 5000 uri only but works! Big 642914 text to 84212 and wait 4 confirmation text
cost ur usual rate. After sending wait 4 confirmation and replay with user id. Good Luck.

Submitted by: dipstickerizer

Do loads of quests and keep the Pheonix ship.Go to world x3-4 and destroy a Devoriliam.
Attack another one and let it destroy you. Instead of fixing your ship, buy a new one.
Go back to X-3-4 and attack another Devoriliam. When its destroyed go to buy a ship and
you will be able to buy a Devoliriam ship.

20,000 uridium:
Its so easy why is noone doing it all you do is get you phone out and text “big 892023”
to “84212” its that simple! However there is a down side this texting rate will cost you
twice your normal texting rate but for 20,000 uridium per text its soooooo worth it! Just
trust me give it a try and i bet you it will work and i know people have bieng saying that
its a scam how does it know which account to send it to well this is the other downside
as you do have to send the text from as close as you can get to your computer while on
your dark orbit acount as it tracks the closest account to you. But believe me its worth
the money and well worth it in the game because to be honest im getting sick of people
just flying past and destroying me because its not fair or nice but now you can get your
own back!

Commander than loser:
Password Effect
baby – 10,000 uraidum.
teen – 20,000 uradium.
man – 40,000 uradium.
samllcommander – big boy ship +elite #3 gun.
mediumcommander – goliath ship + elite #3 gun (2)+5,000 hcb-50.
largecommander – goliath ship + elite #3 gun (2)+5,000 hcb-50+5 flash battle drons.
super,ritch – 500,000 uradium + sloi cpu +500,000 c.

How to get the sibelon ship:
* Firstly you need to complete all the sibelon quests.
* Then get 20,000 uridium you could do this by completing quests but i find the easiest
way is to text big 892023 to 84212 and do this as many times as required the amount
that is recieved depends on your network as does the price (price will be no more than
25p per text)
* Next you need to destroy 5 sibelons i no theres alot of killing but its worth it.
* Next you need another 10,000 uridium simply followe same procedure as before.
* Then, this is the important bit (as is the uridium) go into the dark orbit home page and
logout this will give the server time to catch up with what you have done so far.
* When you log back on in around an hour or two first go into the hangar.
* When you have clicked on the extras scroll right down to the bottom.
* Underneath where it says jp02 cpu there should be an option called SIBSH1 which you
can work out stands for (sibelon* ship* 1).
* Click on this option and a small box should appear.
* Tick the box that says enable game ships.
* Next logout and log back in (you dont need to wait).
* Go to ships and underneath the ship nostromo should be the ship scrementor.
* Click on the scrementor BUT DO NOT BUY IT! check that the speed is at 0 if not text big
892023 to 84212 untill the number is zero (THIS IS KEY).
* Once the number is zero you can buy the ship.
* The ship has only a max speed of 327.567248 which on a phone keepad translates into dark
orbit which is also the number used to program the first sibelon ship made in the game
before they copied it.
* Finally this is the last step and if you have been following correctly you shall now be
rewarded, click on start but when it has finish loading do not click start!
* Go onto the ship overview. and check that the security code
(99966688442888332233336622266666333) is the number instead of the ships extras if so
you have done this correctly and may click on start.

5000 uridiums:
Get your phone and type in…

Code Effect
BIG 1347610 – 5000 uri.
BIG 1384752 – 10000 uri.

Easy 5,000 uridium:
This is the cheapest way of buying your uridium, it just costs your normal text rate on
mobile. It took me three tries and so I recieved 15,000 uridium. Send BIG 2498957 to 84212,
If it does not work retry or maybe you put the wrong code, NB: there is ‘space’ between ‘BIG’
and ‘2498957’. Do a maximum of Three Tries, Trust me now Im a Goliath user now with so many
Iris drones. Happy new year and Christmas to who ever enjoys this cheap Uridium.

Dark Orbit Cheats:
* Go to 2-1 base
* Then type in the following codes WITH spaces
* After you put in all the codes you want log out
* Log back in to see your effects
* If it is an equipment cheat,(ex.)-lasers, generators, dones, extras,
they will be in cargo, (full).

Code Effect
boss ship – you will have a goliath.
generator – you will have fastest enigines and strongest shields.
extra man – you will have 6 slot adder, repair 3, laser/rocket upgrader.
money – you will receive 200mil credits and uridium.
god – you will never die, (meaning no hitpoints will be lost).
rapid – you will shoot lasers/rockets VERY rapidly.

Toolbar and chat disappear:
Just play the game, at any time press ‘H’. The tabs by the chat and the chat along with the
top toolbar will disappear. It will still show the minimap and the hitpoints and your shield

Uri chance in bonus box:
After you get a 20 uri bonus box fly to the station (base) and sell 10 resources. Once you
have sold the resources go out and pick up another bonus box. It will have 20 uri in it.

Hint: Level Bonus:
Submitted by: kane

Reach the indicated amount of experience to level up to unlock the corresponding bonus.

Level 01: Access to Maps X-1 and X-2 of own company
Level 02: 10.000 Exp, Access to Maps X-3 of own company
Level 03: 20.000 Exp,Access to Maps X-3 to X-4 of own company
Level 04: 40.000 Exp
Level 05: 80.000 Exp, Access to Maps X-3 or X-4 on enemy territory
Level 06: 160.000 Exp, Access to Maps X-3 to X-4 on enemy territory
Level 07: 320.000 Exp
Level 08: 640.000 Exp, Access to PvP maps 4-1, 4-2, 4-3
Level 09: 1.280.000 Exp, Access to PvP map 4-4
Level 10: 2.560.000 Exp, Access to Map X-5 own company
Level 11: 5.120.000 Exp, Access to Maps X-6 and X-7 own company
Level 12: 10.240.000 Exp, Access to Map X-8 own company
Level 13: 20.480.000 Exp,Access to Maps X-2 on enemy territory
Level 14: 40.960.000 Exp, Access to Map X-5 on enemy territory
Level 15: 81.920.000 Exp, Access to Maps X-6 und X-7 on enemy territory.
Level 16: 163.840.000 Exp, Access to Maps X-1 on enemy territory. Invade enemy Base !
Level 17: 327.680.000 Exp, Access to all known maps so far !
Level 18: 655.360.000 Exp
Level 19: 1.310.720.000 Exp
Level 20: 2.621.440.000 Exp
Level 21: 5.242.880.000 Exp
Level 22: 10.485.760.000 Exp
Level 23: 20.971.520.000 Exp

Hidden maps!:
There are hidden maps on dark orbit. to find them, follow this guide. Do not do this
unless you have a bigboy, a vengence or goliath. First of all go to map x-4. You will
find a jumpgate in between two other ones. Go through it. Next, go to the center jumpgate.
(you will find that you can not see it on the map that pops up after you jump) go
through it. You are in a secret map! Explore but beware! the jumpgates do not offer

Galaxy gate idea:
Submitted by: Josh

This would be a cool idea for a galaxy gate.

-=wave 1=-
10 saimon
50 struener
100 lordakia

-=wave 2=-
40 recriut struener
13 saimon

-=wave 3=-
10 kristallin
10 protegit
1 barracuda

-=wave 4=-
10 barracuda
100 interceptor

-=wave 5=-
1 century falcon

-=wave 6=-
1 sanajewiz

-=wave 7=-
1 annihilator

-=wave 8=-
1 deadly battleray

-=wave 9=-
5 kristallon

-=wave 10=-
3 cubikon
1 boss kristallin

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