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Death Trash Cheats

Death Trash

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Making Money Guide (Easy & Fast):
Written by Christian Hentai

For Death Trash Early Access players, this guide is about how to make money
fast, just follow the explaination below, and you’ll earn the money you want.

-=About my character=-
Agent Poon; Female; DOB: August 5; Bloodtype: O-; Personality: Think JC denton and
classic era lara croft….a complete Tr@$hHole.

Quirks: Vegan (but kills any moving thing. Robots, humans, animals, squirming meat
worms, sleeping titans. Everything in her sight is money and exp to support her
expensive vegan lifestyle) Build: Rifle, bombs, and stealth.
Currently an Enhanced Shotgun with Claws

How do I manage to keep my shotgun loaded and my vegan health full?

I got some points in barter, weapons I don’t want, I don’t sell it but will
instead dismantle it then sell some materials cause it’s more money to sell
piles of material than one whole weapon. For healing I use the doctor in Tauris
I don’t use nano health because it requires meat to make.

Animalism helps too. Fleshworms sell for 14 gold and you can find a ton of
them. With 2 points you have an 81%. 100% with 3.

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