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Deer Hunter 3 Cheats

Deer Hunter 3

Cheat Codes:
by: tyler – fisherboy8@hotmail.com

Press F2 and enter any of the following codes,
then press F2 again to confirm.

Code Result
dh3find – Brings you to nearest animal
dh3nofear – Animals are not afraid of you
dh3beacon – Makes you irrestible to animals
dh3sightin – Sights in your gun
dh3leadeye – Your view follows the projectile
dh3water – Makes it rain
dh3ice – Makes it snow
dh3zeus – Makes it lightning
dh3monster – Large deer
dh3truck – No clipping
dh3homegym – Hunter never dies
dh3f13 – More gore
dh3showme – View deer on map
dh3skyhook – Flight mode
dh3caddyshack – Walk Around in Target Range
dh3plague – No Animals
dh3super – Enable All Cheats
dh3damper – No Noise
dh3thor – Thunder
dh3tracers – View Bullet Paths
dh3climber – Stops Slope Effect
dh3deerwatch – Show Info on Nearest Deer
dh3vmwatch – Show Info on Active View Models
dh3dry – Clear All Weather
dh3noon – Force Time of Day to Noon
dh3breakdown – Shows Info on All

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