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Delta Force 2 Cheats

Delta Force 2

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Latif
Alexander, Submitted the following Information:
Email: monen[at]nternetcds.com

While playing a game, press ` (the key below [Esc] and to the left of 1) to display
the console. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter].

Code Result
SUNANDSTEEL – Reloads all weapons
THETROOPER – Can’t die
STILLLIFE – Enemy can’t see you
REVELATIONS – 8 artillery shots
gimme – Full ammunition while in an armory
superjump – Jump very high
dieall – Kill all enemies on Jail Break
gamma 123456789 – Different grenade smoke colors
resetgames – Reset game

Cheat mode (command line):
Start the game with one of the following command line parameters to activate
the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Command line parameter
Read resources from directory instead of pff – /d
Record demo in single player mode – /r
Play back demo – /p [filename]
Enable save scores mode – /s
Get system information – /sys
Display command line parameter options – /?

Submitted by: Tazkid
E-mail: TaZkid5000@aol.com

First to the snipers if u plan to get a good shot at the comp or opponent
you need to hide in a remote area. Like far from the battle in the briefing
look at and study the map move it around a little find a route that suits
your sniping ability. After finding the right route for you take action it
is also good to not stand as much as possible it give out your location.
Use your shot wisely you will see this is a very good hint.
This is predator signing out.

* Lie prone in the grass and switch to the third-person view so you can see
around you. This is the best way to lay an ambush or do recon.

* To change weapons in the middle of a multiplayer game, find your team’s
armory. From inside, you can change weapons and equipment on the Command

* Unlike other first-person shooters, it can pay to be still. You’re easier
to see from a distance while you’re moving.

* Pay attention to the color of your uniform and your background. For instance,
when you’re in the high desert wearing white camouflage, you’ll be harder to
see in the snowy areas.

More Hints & Tips:
From: “Janis Lasmanis”
Delta Force/DeltaForce2 Hints

ok, I got some more hints for the cheatbook database entry on DF/DF2:

These hints mostly refer to Snipers:

1.When sniping, lie down behind some small “hill” on the ground, then go to
crouch mode and search for targets, get down again. If you found you target,
try to adjust your aim while lyin, popup to crouch mode again.
Repeat this untill u have a good shot and KILL.

2.In DF/DF2 the voxel3 engine is used, which means that sometimes you can see
others THROUGH rims of hills. Dont waste your ammo on them. Try one sure shot,
and if you see that you would have hit, but only some mud splatters, wait until
your target moves to have another sure shot.

Multiplayer: Try not to lie down or hide behind rims of hills that are goin
steep down, thats where you can be seen easily, so they will wait til you popup
and kill you.

3.Multiplayer: NEVER take extra ammo as secondary weapon, almost nobody lives
long enough to fire all his shots. Rather take the claymore mines to secure
your sniping position or strategical important points (flags in CTF, entries
to huts etc.) or the LAW (to kill snipers lyin in small carvings, behind a
fence or in a watchtower).

4.Multiplayer: Swimming is a rather secure way for getting where you want to
w/o being seen, but watch out for other swimmer’s knifes (swim only with knife
ready) and go to prone before leaving the water.

5.It is always better to have a weapon with longer range than the others, but your
only safe when you are out of their range, so take long ways around hot spots,
settle down and be patient. Your time will come.

Multi-player tips:
You can drop through some roofs by laying down, then holding [Left] + [End]. Go
under a dock, then lay down and go towards the shore. You can go though the docks
this way if you stop in the middle of the dock when you are going through. You
can shoot others, but they cannot shoot you. To get in boats when there is no
dock, go the side net and stick your head out of the water. Then press [End] three
or four times and you can climb in. If you can see the underside of a building,
you can go though it insteadd of using a door. If a delay grenade hits a man in
the head while underwater, it will kills immediately when it hits and not a few
seconds later. When you drop a satchel charge in the water, it does not have a
drop time. It will go straight to the ground when dropped. Satchel charges go
though roofs when underwater.
You can swim thought most roofs that are underwater.

Submitted by: lorraine

If you see a cheater or you think they are cheating the tell them you know how
to fly. Most likly they’ll ask how so you tell them to press esc and type FLY,
*notice the y at the end of “FLY”*

Submitted by: Zach

If somone is cheating or you think is cheating (this is similar to the fly cheat
ESC then type FLY) tell them you know how to fly and tell them to press 9 look
down and press ctrl(control)then they kill thierself.

Submitted by: sagar

Type in the main menu [nandu] and type this cheat in the game [shift+12war] you
will get a gun with a rocket boaster.

Reload in the field:
To reload in the field or when there is no armory, enable the resetgames code.
You will go out of the game, then return reloaded, but you must hide or you
will die.

Submitted by: americo

on single player press @ and type the folwoing codes:

Cheat Result
thetrooper – god mode
diewithyourbootson – unlimated ammo
gamma 123456789 – smoke coulors
superjump – jump so HIGH!!
nadu – unnowen
stilllife – invinsibility
imnotafraidtofight – god mode on demo

Multi-player: Unlimited ammunition:
Find an armory, then switch your gun or something else and change back.
Then, select “Request Weapons” and then you have all you ammunition back.

Easy kills:
When assaulting, jump, and while in the air, go prone (or lay down). While in the
air, you will shoot the enemy and then go prone before they can get a good shot on
you. Repeating this process can get you multiple kills and few deaths.

Easy complete Op: Common Resolve – Mission 12:
At the start of the mission, don’t get out of the Blackhawk as you are supposed
to. If you stay on board you will be carried to the extraction point, once you
arrive the mission will end and be announced as mission complete.

Operation Common Resolve: Whistle Stop: Easy completion:
At the start of the mission, do not get out of the Blackhawk as you are supposed to.
Remain on board and you will be carried to the extraction point. Once you arrive,
the mission will end and be announced as completed.

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