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Descent to Undermountain Cheats

Descent to Undermountain

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Alex Burness
E-mail: a_burness@hotmail.com

Code Effect
hometaser – If typed at stats screen gives you 18 for all
shrinkiwannakill – If typed in game gives you ultimate sword
mesmart – if typed in game gives you all spells and all spell
scrolls – good for money Tarrasque.

The manual and the hot-key card disagree on which keys to use to
sidestep left and right. The manual is in fact correct: use the “Z”
and “X” keys to sidestep.

Break things to find the goodies hidden inside, but don’t hack at
things indiscriminately; you can break boxes, tables, chairs, and
benches, but some of them are there for you to try climbing on; if
you break them, you can frequently find yourself with no way up.

Save often! Not only will you probably find yourself dead often, but
often when you get hung up somewhere, going back to a save game is
the only way to continue the game.

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