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Desecration of Wings Cheats

Desecration of Wings

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Locations and Story Points for Achievements:
Written by todpolle

A short guide listing the locations and story points for achievements.

Hello. If you played Desecration of Wings, you may have noticed that it’s a
bit finicky with it’s achievements. Now they are obtainable, you just might
need to reload a save to get it to work. So that what this guide is for.
This isn’t going to be a walktrough. Just a quick guide on where the
achievements are unlocked so can save there and try again.
Also, it might help to not play the game in Full Screen mode.

* Bait and Switch: Just start the game.
* Exploration: You should get this when you leave Andenville for the first time.
* Capitol of the World: You get this as soon as you enter Kolis for the first time.
It should be that massive port town at the top of the map.
* Not Immortal: Simply defeat the main story boss of Benan’s Palace.
* Reunited: You should get this when you met up with Trila back in Andenville.
* The Sacrifice and Freedom: You should get both when you defeat the boss of
* The Plan: Defeat the boss in the Sacrificial Site.

And both ending achievements are gotten for defeating the final boss.
Just pick which plan to do.

-=Missible Bosses=-
* Abyss Imp: Found in the Bandit Base in a cell.
* Winged Lamia: In a broken tower in the Kolis region. Should appear when you
collect all the treasure. You can wait until you have Anmin join the party.
* Duel Master: In Kolis’s dueling guild. You’ll have to fight 5 other duelist
before this one. Can also wait till you have Anmin in the the party.
* Massive Mimic: The giant chest in the Eleon Wastes.
* Fallen Mage: In the basement of Benan’s Palace.
* Infested Elephant: Back in the southern Immortal Battleground.
Appears when Palind leaves.
* Dark Mimic: In the Pyramid. Make sure you find the Mute before you fight it.

There might be more like the guardian in the Immortal’s Tower or the scarecrows
in the Nordeaux Mountain. But if you defeated them all, you should get Challenge
Hungry when you leave the Pyramid.

-=Endgame Bosses=-
* Most of these are bosses you have to defeated in order to get true ending
* Fenrir: In the Ice Tower south of Nolan’s Fortress.
* Soulless Dragon: The dungeon to the east of Nolan’s Fortress.
* Shadow Reborn: Boss of the forest maze dungeon.
* Survivor: Defeat the boss of the Dragon Tower.
Not sure if this court’s as endgame boss.
* The Steel Sheep: The Sheep in Mondeville. Must be beaten in one turn.
* Soul Consumer: In the basement in Mondeville’s pub.
* Fallen Hero: Back in Andenville, up Monument Path.
* Sacrifice of Fire: The boss of Broken Shore, where a special fights it.
* Sacrifice of Chaos: The boss pf Ancient Tower. requires 3 musical keys
* Sacrifice of Darkness: The boss of Bloody Labyrinth. Not the Dark Dragon

There is also a boss in the Immortal Compound but if you defeat them all,
you should get Challenge Starved when you start the final dungeon.

* Extreme!: In Fenville, near Nordeaux Mountain.
Just do the Extreme Fishing game.
* Dragon Armor: Can be gotten in Fyron, north of Nolan’s Fortress.
Requires a scale from each drake. Locations in the walktrough.
* Contorted Altar: Use 70 Contorted Faces in the Sacrificial Site
* Lady of the Night: Just find every client for Felana.
Save the guy in the guild for last for a better reward.
* Treasure Rating 100: I assume you get this at the guild when you get a
rating of 100. But I haven’t gotten it yet.

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