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Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Cheats

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Alternate ending sequence:
Successfully complete the game. Then during the credits mini-game, protect
Kyrie for over 90 seconds to view the rest of the ending sequence featuring
Dante, Trish, and Lady.

Easy Red Orbs in Mission 7: The She-Viper:
Use the following trick to get approximately 4,300 Red Orbs in about twenty
seconds. At the start of the mission, destroy the rocks to your left. Enter
the tunnel, and destroy the rocks. You will see the big red crystal near the
Secret Mission. In order to get the most Orbs, start with the Stinger, then
immediately activate Devil Trigger mode, and quickly mash away. Then, pause
the game, select “Systems”, and choose “Retry Mission”. This is the easiest
way to get a lot of Red Orbs in a short amount of time.

Defeating Berial:
Use Grim Grip to reel yourself close to his head, and attack with your sword.
Once the combos are done, use Grim Grip while still in the air. When his
flames are gone, jump up to his head. Grab his head with the Devil Bringer,
then once he lands from that, use Devil Bringer again to throw and punch him.
Then, run a short distance away because he will release an explosion around
him. Make sure to pick up Green Orbs from the destroyed buildings, and roll
to avoid his flame geysers and sword attack. Continue attacking this way,
and use your Charge Shot to defeat him in under a minute.

Defeating Demonic Bosses:
You can use Nero’s Devil Bringer to defeat Demonic Bosses. Before you daze
any demonic Boss, get your Devil Trigger as high as possible. As soon as the
enemy is dazed, activate Devil Trigger mode, and use the uppercut on them.
Using it in different areas of the enemy’s body results in a good combo.

Defeating Sanctus:
Do the following to defeat Sanctus inside of Sparda in Mission 20. While
Sanctus is airborne in his shield, get close and break it with sword attacks
just like earlier in the game. However, he will sometimes block with the
Sword of Sparda. When he does this, use the uppercut technique to break his
guard. If you are skilled, you should use the Devil Trigger while he is in
the air to use a special combo to force him to the ground. If you fail to
do the air combo, just let him fall to the ground. You may be able to get a
few sword-based shots in, but do not try to rely on this because he may
escape. At this point, use the uppercut in Devil Trigger mode, if possible.
Afterwards, he will go back to being airborne again, in which case you should
not use the Devil Trigger. After you have gotten his health down to around
10% to 15%, he will use a charging sword attack (however, if you have
perfected the aforementioned combo, you may bypass this). Defeating him
requires timing. At precisely the correct moment of his charge towards you,
uppercut to break his guard. Again, as soon as it is broken, Devil Trigger
uppercut to finish him off. In the second battle against Sanctus, as the
False Prophet, timing is once again crucial. All you must do is uppercut
his attacks away.

Defeating Sparda:
Sparda can be knocked on his butt by using the Pandora’s PF398 Revenge technique.
With Pandora equipped, hold X Xbox 360 or Square PlayStation3 and make two complete
circles with the Left Analog-stick and fire at Sparda. It may require two shots but
he will fall as though you used the stationary cannon.

Defeating Echidna:
Devil Trigger and use Roulette Spin on her head. If she turns into a spider, power
up and use Buster on her egg sack. If she grasps her forehead in pain use Buster,
the tap [Exceed] to give the attack extra power.

Mission 3: Easy orbs:
Complete mission 3, then play it again. At the start, run past the statue into the
first hall. Kill enemies to collect experience points and orbs. Then, find the hallway
with a wooden wall. Break through the wall to find a crystal. Break the crystal to
collect 1,000 orbs then exit the mission. Repeat this to collect as many orbs as desired.

Mission 7: Easy orbs:
Use the following trick to collect 4,300 Red Orbs in about twenty seconds. At the
start of the mission, destroy the rocks to the left of you. Proceed into the tunnel
and also destroy the rocks that are there. You will see the big red crystal near the
Secret Mission. In order to get the most orbs, start with the Stinger then immediately
go into Devil Trigger mode and quickly mash away. Once done, press Start, go to “Systems”
then “Retry Mission”. This is the easiest way to get a lot of Red Orbs in a short amount
of time.

Board game: Easy orbs:
Use the following trick to win the board game in the Game Room. The number showing on
the die before it is rolled is the number that will show up if you count properly. For
example, if you would like to roll a “3”, wait for “3” to show up on the top of the dice.
Count six rotations before you strike the die, and you will roll a “3”.

Use Buster on the die (without locking target on the die). The number which is visible on
top of the die before using Buster will always be set to the same number after punching
the die into the air. Because you will only get the die rolling part with Nero, you do not
have to worry about Dante.

In the alternate scene when you see Dante reading the magazine, you can see Lady posing
on the left side of the magazine.

In the alternate scene with Dante reading the magazine, look in the background of the
Devil May Cry. You can see scarecrows hung on the wall.

EX costumes:
Select the Devil Hunter or higher difficulty setting and complete the final mission.
Defeat the enemies during credits.

* As Nero, protect Kyrie to unlock the EX costumes for both Nero and Dante.
* As Lady (complete mission 20 with an “A” or higher rank), defeat over twenty enemies.
* As Trish (complete mission 20 with a “B” or lower rank), defeat over twenty enemies.
* As Vergil, defeat over thirty enemies.

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