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Devour Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Complete the Farmhouse (Nightmare Mode):
Written by ItSneaX

First off i heavily reccomend using the perk “Fully Charge” which gives
you 20 seconds of free usage of UV after using a battery.

* After Spawning jump over the fence and turn right you will see about
3-4 hay’s.

* Take one and head to the altar.

* When you arrive at the altar you will need to collect the gas cans
you will see one at the front of the house.

* One next to the cage key, and one at the box on top of a box in the
path to altar.Collect every single hay on the outside.

* After you collect all the hay’s unlock the cage key, get the basement
key and wake up the Anna.

* Collect gas cans while you are searching for keys, you will need 7
because you already found 3 at the beggining.

* If you find Battery’s just put them on the middle of different corridors
and rooms it will be easier to find.

* After you collect all the enough resources you can start burning goats.
Have Fun hope it helps.

Guide to Basic Strategies (with Tips):
Written by StrawmanthaBerri.ttv

This guide will provide some basic strategies to aid in beating the game.

-=Item Stacking=-
This is one of the most important concepts, especially when engaging in
nightmare mode. Items appear scattered all throughout the map and it is in
your best interest to gather each of the items into a particular area. Gather
a good amount of fuels and drop them near the goat altar. Gather the hay and
place it outside in an area of your choice. Med-kits can also be gathered in
an area of your choice…my personal favorite area is stacking all the med-kids
inside the house in the “TV Room”. I don’t think it’s really called that, but
it’s the room with the television that has a blue screen and makes a slight
noise. I often hide here during her rage fits and have never had her run into
the room with the door closed!

Please note that it’s best to stack items before you have any goat sacrificed.
Otherwise she will be running around too crazily.

-=Early game=-
Stun her with the UV if she is running at you…this is not necessary though,
as sprinting will keep you out of her reach. To refrain from losing all stamina,
I usually take my finger off the shift key for a half second before pressing
it again to continue my running. I have managed to stay out of her reach for
very long periods of time. If I feel she is too close I run in the TV Room
and close the door.

Essentially the same as before, but I get paranoid faster and only run about
ONE LAP around the house before hiding in the TV Room.

Side note: The TV room can be found entering through the back porch door
behind the house, I believe it is the first door to the right from there.

This runs fast. She will probably catch you if you try to kite (she almost
certainly will catch you) so it’s best to be hide from room to room. Having
friends to play with *cough* sacrifice is good here, as it gives you some
time to hunt down goats as they get dragged away. Just keep an eye on how
many med-kits you have left!

At the beginning of the game this may be useful, but it has a stronger
impact if used mid-game. When you have a party of four people, ensure that
two or three of them grab goats and sacrifice them all at the same time.
This way you technically spend less time in that specific rage state…going
from 6/10 goats rage state immediately to 9/10 goats instead of doing them
all separately. This increases chances for survival.

-=Floor demons=-
With the multi-sacrifice tip I just provided, spawns a small issue. Each
time you burn a goat it spawns demons, thus burning threee goats in a run
spawns quite a few. Just be careful and go through and burn them all before
grabbing more goats (: otherwise they’ll grab you and kill your ass,
especially if you’re trying to run away!

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