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Dink Smallwood Cheats

Dink Smallwood

When you are in the ‘Monsters Cave’ you have to kill the monsters to unlock the
scene you’re in. So dont kill the monster and go to one of the corners and walk
down, then you’ll be able to go somewhere else without killing the monstes.

Hex Cheat:
Submitted by: Josephgchelad –

Items/ Magic are stored in both ascii and hex values like thisin save games:
“01 item-xxx 00 00 00 yy 01 00 00 zz”

xxx – Ascii item/magic (3 bytes or 2 bytes + 00)
yy – Hex selector B5 for magic and B6 for items including
barrier scroll zz – Hex item/magic

01 – Fireball (fb), 02 – hellfire?, 03 – lightning,
04 – explosion, 05 – Acid rain (ice),
0E – Barrier scroll – red ribbon (p1)

01 – Fist (fst), 02 – Pig food (pig), 03 – Bomb (bom),
04 – half moon, 05 – moonshine, 06 – Throwing axe (axe),
07 – Longsword (sw1), 08 – Bow (b1),
09 – Elixer – purple potion (eli), 0A – red strength potion,
0B – blue magic potion, 0C – Massive bow (b2),
0D – Flame bow (b3),
0F/10/11 – Message scrolls – yellow/blue/green ribbon (p2/p3/p4),
12 – Slayer claw, 13 – Alktree nut (nut), 14 – Clawsword (sw2),
15 – Lightsword (sw3), 16 – Hyperboots – speed (bt).

E.g. “Fireball” is “01 item-fb 00 00 00 00 B5 01 00 00 01”
and “Throwing axe” is “01 item-axe 00 00 00 B6 01 00 00 06”

Pig in the Darklands:
Although killing the pig in the Darklands takes awhile, it is worth it.

Author : Hari krishna
e-mail : harizon9@yahoo.co.in

Hex Cheats

More attack, defence and magic :
Open the saveX.dat X=1,2,3 …. ( can be save1.dat, save2.dat, save3.dat …)
in a hex editor. Go to the following Offset and change them to FF …
u can have 255 attack, defence and magic respectively.

0004C11C —> ATTACK
0004C13C —> DEFENCE
0004C1BC —> MAGIC

65000+ Currency :
Open the saveX.dat X=1,2,3 …. ( can be “save1.dat”, “save2.dat”, “save3.dat” …)
in a hex editor.

Go to the Offset 0004C19C and 0004C19D and change them to FF FF and u can
have 65000+ currency …

Dink freaks over there … , If you have any other cheats please do send them to me
… coz this game is too adictive…

Submitted by: Arslaan

When u install the dink smallwod game go to the folder where you have installed if
the game has a file name dmods you can make ur own way to the places eg when you
want to pass the hills you can copy the ground and paste it o the other ground but
dont try this on the block where is written m or something else you can only save
and try this in the red block’s.

Dink edit tool:
Enter the editor tool and go to square 352 (counting from the top). Notice that it
has all four potions and gold. Go to that square and then go to a blue square. Click
it you will notice that it will be the same as square 352.

Use the following trick to get to the island without cheating. When you are in the
town called Windermeir, go all the way to the bottom of the screen (about two screens
from the bottom right-hand side of the island). Wait awhile and you will se a fish
jumping up out of the water. The fish is actually a marker to the place where you
can walk out on the water. The path on the water leads directly to the island with
the giant ducks on it. Also, by the time the Windermeir bridge is open, you should
have enough strength, magic and defense to kill the monsters.

Upper nihal blp h.p. house no. 12:
Submitted By: Rishbh Sharma

Open Save File In a hex editor, you will find the gold, magic, defense, attack etc.
in ANSI, just edit the file:

0004C11C —> ATTACK
0004C13C —> DEFENCE
0004C1BC —> MAGIC

* Change To FFFF FF1F
* Save the file
* Play the game And you will have 4294967071 Money, attack, defence etc.
I discovered this Code Myself Thank you

Start with extra items and money:
Note: Some experience with the Uber Tile Editor that comes with the game is required
for this trick. Enter the game and go to the area where you went to talk to the mage,
but instead go down, until there is a tree blocking your path. Use your fireball spell,
and you will be able to just barley squeeze by. After that, walk around a brief time
until you see a man’s house. If you have $500, enter and buy the Herb Boots. They will
help in some dungeons that lie ahead. Go as far right as you can and then down to find
a small island that is not on the map. It has two heart containers, about $3,000, and
four Megapotions (raises all stats by one), two attack potions (raises attack by one),
and two defense potions (raises defense by one). If you walk around a lot, you will
eventually find out that normaly there is no way to get over there, no matter how much
you use your psychic powers to do it. Now, go back to a little earlier in the area and
you will find a save point. Save your game, and then exit after looking at your map to
get a general idea where you are, The map is the same aspect ratio as the tile editor.
Enter the tile editor, and find the area on the map that has all those potions and
items are found. Press 1 and a screen will appear that has a grass tile on it. Press
[Enter] to select it, and then paint the entire screen green, or at least all the water.
This will allow you to walk over to the island and get the items. If you are beginning
a new game, this is extremely useful, as it will give you money to start and to buy
your first sword. After you do this, you can find that you can go down a little bit,
and onto some bridges. The first one is not that hard because there are two or so easy
monsters there. If you are a beginner though, and are not over level four, or do not
have any good weapons, such as a sword, you may be in trouble. There will be two Slayers
on the bridge, which are extremely dangerous enemies for you in the start of the game.
If you are lower leveled, or do not have a weapon, pass these by those enemies, and
run. After this, you will walk for awhile, fighting a small variety of monsters that
are not that strong. After you kill all them, you will find a village of giant ducks.
Do not kill them. If you encounter a house you can go in, enter it. There is a man in
there that will sell you a weapon called the Flame Bow, for around $15,000, which is
a very steep price. However, if your attack is 38 without a weapon it will put it up
to about 100, which will be very useful for killing your enemies, and even better
once you learn the Bow Lure spell. Continue down, until you see houses that look like
those in the Goblin Sanctuary. However, these are not goblin homes. When you walk into
town, you will see a giant duck. Talk to it, and it will tell you it is the giant
mother duck of an island. Talk to it, and then kill it. Walk over to the next screen,
and you will see two baby ducks that are still big. Talk to one, and it will ask you
to play a game. Agree, and you are put in a type of “Ducky fight to the death gambling
game”. If you are a beginner, you can make a lot of money with this, but you also can
lose a lot. After you have had your fill, walk to the end of the island, and look at
the sign, which you might notice the relevancy if you play the second part of the game.
Return the way you came and kill the enemies, and avoid the Slayers. Go through the
game, until you have $15,000 dollars saved, then return and buy the bow.

Avoid killing monsters:
When you are in the “Monsters Cave” you normally have to kill the monsters to unlock
the scene you are in. Instead, do not kill the monster and go to one of the corners
and walk down. You will be able to go somewhere else without killing the monsters.

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