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Disgaea 2 Cheats

Disgaea 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Successfully complete the listed task to unlock the corresponding achievement.
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”,
“View all my games”, then the game and view stats.

Achievement How to unlock
1,000 Kills! – Killed 1,000 enemies!.
1,000,000 Damage! – Dealt 1,000,000 damage!.
10,000,000 Damage! – Dealt 10,000,000 damage!.
100 Kills! – Killed 100 enemies!.
100,000 Damage! – Dealt 100,000 damage!.
100,000,000 Damage! – Dealt 100,000,000 damage!.
Axel Ending – Saw the Axel ending (Get defeated by Axel at any point).
Beginner Grinder – Obtained LV 100!.
Career Criminal – Obtained 99 felonies.
Dark World Unlocked – Unlocked the Dark World.
Defeated Asagi – Defeated the Extra Boss “Asagi”.
Defeated Baal – Defeated the Extra Boss “Baal”.
Defeated Flonne – Defeated the Extra Boss “Flonne”.
Defeated Item God! – Defeated the Extra Boss “Item God”.
Defeated Kurtis – Defeated the Extra Boss “Kurtis”.
Defeated Laharl – Defeated the Extra Boss “Laharl”.
Defeated Marjoly – Defeated the Extra Boss “Marjoly”.
Defeated Mid-Boss – Defeated the Extra Boss “Mid-Boss”.
Defeated Priere – Defeated the Extra Boss “Priere”.
Defeated Zetta – Defeated the Extra Boss “Zetta”.
Earned a Bonus! – Earned 10,000,000 HL from a single battle.
Etna Ending – Saw the Etna ending (Defeated Etna in Ch. 3).
First Reincarnation – Performed your first reincarnation.
Laharl Ending – Saw the Laharl ending (Defeated Laharl in Ch. 11).
Magic Master – Performed your first Peta spell.
Magichange Master – Unleashed Magichange 2.
Master Grinder – Obtained LV 9,999!
Pirate Hunter – Defeated your first pirate in the Item World.
Proficient Grinder – Obtained Total LV 10,000
The Truth – Completed Final Chapter “The Truth”
The Two Ninjas – Completed Ch. 10 “The Two Ninjas”
Yoshitsuna! – Obtained the Yoshitsuna!

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