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Disney Fairies – Hidden Treasures Cheats

Disney Fairies – Hidden Treasures

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

Achievement How to unlock
Seeker (5 points) – Find a mushroom in the Pixie Dust Tree.
Helper (5 points) – Ask Blaze to give you a hint.
Talented (5 points) – Discover Tink’s talent during the welcoming ceremony.
Bright (5 points) – Help Tink assemble her light gadget.
Crafty (10 points) – Craft a full order of kettles using Tink’s newly
repaired kettlemaker.
Nookish (10 points) – Send Cheese out with his delivery wagon in Tinkers’ Nook.
Inventor (15 points) – Help Tinker Bell complete three different blueprints for
her inventions.
Springified (10 points) – Build the springifier to plant Rosetta’s seeds.
High-Flying (15 points) – Tinker up the first hawk-shaped kite in the history of
Pixie Hollow.
Twig Appeal (10 points) – Tap to learn about each of the five houses in Tinkers’ Nook.
Kettle Guru (10 points) – Assemble all the kettles without making any mistakes during
the kettle making game.
Acrobatics (10 points) – Tap to see each of the four water beetles slide down the
big blade of grass in Dewdrop Vale.
Green Thumb (10 points) – Help Tinker Bell to wake up all of the sproutlings in all
five locations.
Collector (10 points) – Help Tinker Bell find all of the Lost Things in all five locations.
Deja Vu (15 points) – Replay any location from the map.
Starry-eyed (15 points) – Earn three stars in every location on the map.
Illuminator (10 points) – Light all of the crystal torches in Pine Tree Grove before
doing anything else.

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