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Downwell Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Gems can be found by killing enemies and destroying objects.
Collect them to buy items from the shopkeeper and unlock new styles.

Although you have unlimited ammunition, you have to reload frequently.
This happens automatically when your Gunboots hit the ground.

You can also kill some monsters by landing on top of them, in order to
save ammunition. Land on turtles, bats and jellies to kill them.
However this has no effect on snails or red orbs.

After completing a stage you can select one of three upgrades. Upgrades
are stackable, and remain through progressing through new stages. For
example, Gunpowder Blocks allows blocks to fire bullets when destroyed,
Gem Powered recharges your Gunboots when gems are collected, etc.

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