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Dr. Daisy Pet Vet Cheats

Dr. Daisy Pet Vet

Hints, Tips and Tricks:
Submitted by: RM

To win with expert, try to cure 4 patients at least in combo. Coffee
upgrade is a must to get. It is best to use the coffee first and get
6 patients to the exam rooms and then use the pet guide book to
diagnose the patients. Remember that you could let some animals to
wait and cure the more impatient animals first.

Always do blood work first! then, if the animals also need xray,
you’ll know. If you’ve already diagnosed your pets, don’t bother with
the handbook, you’ll still need to do all the tests. Use the handbook
first, THEN do the checkup. Try to time it to have both the coffee and
the handbook available (whenever possible) at the same time, saves a
great deal of time.

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