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Dragon Quest of the Stars Cheats

Dragon Quest of the Stars

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

By Dailon80

* Don’t spend much time grinding early until you get jobs
* It will take a little time to get jobs during this time you can use
whatever equipment you want so go with best rated
for your party… Once you have jobs you will use certain weapons etc
that go with that job
* When you are in a dungeon don’t forget to tap the pots to break them
and get items
* Early on you will not need those boost items like the food so save
those they add HP, MP etc for your party
* You may however need your herbs etc so do have those on the ready
if you want to pack a punch on a boss early in game wait until everyones
skill gauge maxes and do the combo attack this can eliminate the boss
quick… to do this don’t waste it on the easier enemies pre boss and
don’t use it on his henchmen instead wait for all gauges in your party
to max it isn’t hard to do

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