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Dragon Throne – Battle of Red Cliffs Cheats

Dragon Throne – Battle of Red Cliffs

Cheat Codes:
Press [Enter], then type one of the following codes:

Effect Code
All items – {ineedall}
Animals – {ineedswin}
Auto-play by CPU – {ineedhelpme}
Disable CPU auto-play – {ineedown}
Disable fog of war – {ineedopenfog}
Faster game – {speed_ex}
Kills all – {ineedclear}
Level up – {levelup}
Maximum fighting – {levelmax}
More food – {ineedfood}
More iron – {ineediron}
More meat – {ineedmeat}
More officers on map – {skill_ex}
More rice – {ineedrice}
More wine – {ineedwine}
More wood – {ineedwood}
Rain in the sky – {rain_ex}
Ranked officers – {ineedsuperpower}
Person is invincible – {superman_ex}
Take screenshot – {screenshot_ex}
View frame rate – {fps}
Toggle day and night – {dayandnight_ex}
Rainy weather – {rain}
Upgrade laborer – {hlylevelup}
All levels unlocked – {ineedopenallstory}
All units completed – {birth_ex}
Upgrades completed – {addspeed_ex}
Take speed down – {subspeed_ex}
Create a gale – {gale_ex}

Savegame cheat:
Submitted by: Nguyen Trung Hieu

While playing Game, save game and press alt+tab to return to windows.
Use a Hex Edittor to edit savegame:

-0x00186B03 change to FFFF : Have maximum rice
-0x00186B05 change to FFFF : Have maximum meal
-0x00186B09 change to FFFF : Have maximum stone
-0x00186B0D change to FFFF : Have maximum wine
-0x00186B0B change to FFFF : Have maximum dumpling
-0x00186B07 change to FFFF : Have maximum wood

Submitted by: Xahn Borealis

In Dragon Throne – Battle of the Red Cliffs (Demo?)
go to your city and click on the top right hand button next to the skull
to see resources right click on a number to instantly receive 5000 of that
resource also to the left of the skull you should also see how much gold
you have right click on the number shown to instantly get 5000 gold.

Maximum Laborers:
To have maximum Laborers and have more room to build, make enough
houses so that you can recruit seventy Laborers then destroy all
the houses.

Codes should be self-explanatory, hit enter and type:


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