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Dragonstrike Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Knightly orders and dragons:
When you are given the option to change Knightly Orders, you will have
to give up items. You only need give up one for Order Of The Sword, but
you must give up three to enter into the Order of The Rose. And each
time you enter a new order, you gain a better color dragon.

Bronze Dragons have Lighting as their primary breath, and a Cloud of
Repulsion that forces the enemy monster away. Silver Dragons fire Cold
Cones, with a secondary of Paralytic Gas, that makes the enemy dragon
lose altitude. Gold Dragons have a primary of Fire, and a secondary of
Chlorine Gas, which just damages.

All Gas weapons are very slow and have extremely short range.

Red Dragons are unaffected by fire, White are unaffected by Cold, Green
are unaffected by Gas, Black are unaffected by Acid, Blues unaffected by
Lightning, and Death Dragons are unaffected by all. All of these dragons
use the same type of breath, as to what they are immune to.

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