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Dream Of Mirror Online Cheats

Dream Of Mirror Online

Easy gold:
Use the following trick to get 250 extra coins in the beginner villages.
First, collect about twenty Flying Pupu Wings (when the NPC asks you to
collect five of them). When you get back, instead of giving you another
pair of pants he will give you 250 gold.

Stuck teleport:
If you are too lazy to walk or fly, and have run out of teleport items,
you can fly and click “Options”, then select “Stuck”. You will be
teleported to a certain point in every map.

Freeze face expression:
If you want a smiling face, click the “smile/laugh” expression and quickly
summon your pet. Your face will not change until you use skills or change

No experience decrease:
Right click on a character that you know and ask him or her to duel, but
do not kill each other. Then, go hunt monsters. If you get killed, your
experience will not decrease. Instead, you will be counted as losing to
your dueling partner.

Thief qualification:
Submitted by: Furky

The little brother of the thiefs will ask you for money and he allways asks
diffrent amounts of money so keep asking over and over till you can pay the
amount of money.

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