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Duck Game Cheats

Duck Game

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The 7 Golden In-Game Rules (Non-Tactics):
Written by Antikore

Do you want to play Duck Game as a pro, but you don’t know actually how to do it.
Here is a guide to tell you the most basic things to be a good player.

-=Rule 1#: Any object can be a weapon=-
Duck Game provides very good mechanics to make all items be useful in a way or
another. That means that anything in the game can be used to kill another player.
Weapons can be used to shoot another player or hit it if it’s melee. Props can be
used to disarm and crash player’s heads. Even a saxophone can be used to disarm
another player.

-=Rule 2#: Keep an eye on all players constantly=-
Sometimes other players can kill you by surprise. This can be fixed if you
constantly check what the rest of players are doing. Just keep an eye for anyone
that can kill you easy in that moment.

-=Rule 3#: Don’t waste ammo, use it wisely=-
Actually, Duck Game don’t consist on kill the other player as fast as you can.
Duck Game consist on kill the other player and avoid be killed.

Ammo is important, and if you can’t reach the other player because of a wall or
something, don’t shoot anywhere without sense, try to shoot when the enemy really
is on target.

-=Rule 4#: The scenary is your friend=-
It’s important to take advantage of your scenary. Doors can be locked, nets can be
perpetually moving with wedges and bouncers. Bouncers can be hardened with crates.
Take account on these things to harm your opponents. Just be sure these things not
to be used against you.

-=Rule 5#: Stealth for survivors / Timing grenades for ducks=-
One very important things for any duck in Duck Game is that timing grenade is a
good way to kill easily. You might practice this a bit to master it.

-=Rule 6#: Angles are important=-
One of the most important things in Duck Game is mastering the angle shooting.
Shooting up, diagonal up or diagonal down is quite hard at first but you can do
it easy after practicing. Taking up advantage of your position is a very cool way
to win a game.

Angles are also a way to escape from death.

–=Rule 7#: Don’t be afraid.=-
Any weapon will be better than any other if you know how to use it

Did you know you can kill a player with a Death Laser with a Dueling Pistol. That
happened a lot of times. You should know you never lose the round until there is
only 1 player alive. So, try all things to kill the other player even with worse
weapons. All weapons are tricky and have their own good things.

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