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Duke Nukem 3D Cheats

Duke Nukem 3D

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Dj Simo

While playing, type “dn”, the a code from the list below.

Code Result
todd – Displays a message
inventory – All energy stuff
keys – All keys
weapons – All weapons and full ammo
cornholio – God mode on/off
stuff – Get all the weapons and ammo
scottyXYY – Warp to epsiode X, level YY
items – Get all of the items and keys
cashman – Make Duke spew money
view – Chase View (Same as [F7])
rate – Displays the frame rate
skill# – Changes the skill level
beta – Displays “Pirates Suck!”
hyper – Puts Duke on steroids
monsters – Monsters on/off ?
cosmo – Displays a message
kroz – God mode on/off
allen – Displays a message
clip – Toggle clipping mode
unlock – Unlocks all locked doors
coords – Displays coordinates
debug – Show debug information
showmap – Display full map

Low on shotgun supplies:
Submitted by: rhys

If you have the freezethrower,freezethrow pig cops over and over again. Every
time u do this they drop a shotgun or armour.

Multi-Player Cheat:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

In setup for multi-player game…At DOS, type setup/r. In a networked game, press
‘k’ to see through the other player’s eyes (try and recognize his surroundings…).

Submitted by: Jeansy (jrl@yebo.co.za)

Recently, I found a new ultra-secret level, called “Faces of Death”, which is
totally wacky and features the faces of the programmers. I don’t know if there
are other (more simple) ways of getting there, but at least this one works.
It how I myself got there.

1. Run in deathmatch, no monsters
2. Play and exit levels 1, 2 and 3
3. Enter level 4
4. In this level, take the secret exit (see on the Duke Nukem 3D secrets
5. Play and exit secret level “launch base”
6. Play and exit last level “the abyss”
(There’s an exit behind the ammo boxes near the end of the level where you
jump in the hole)
– Repeat steps 3 thru 6 twice, you will then enter the most secret of all
Duke levels.

If I’m not mistaking, this is absolute premiere of my genius. I wonder how long
it takes before everybody rips this text. 🙁

To get to this level the “lazy” way, open Notepad, copy this text below and save
it as Duke3d.bat in your Duke Nukem 3D directory and then run it:
Duke3d.exe /v1 /l7

Submitted by: Erki-Andres Nuut

This hint is for Sharpnel City, last (boss) level. At start, don’t move anywhere,
but activate your Jetpack and fly straightly up as high as you can. There you will
see a zeppelin in front of you that has “Duf beer” written on its side. Shoot this
zeppelin with your RPG or Devastator and loads of items (medipacks, ammos etc…)
will fall down.

How to remove the parental password:
Submitted by: Spike-101 (spike_hacker_inc@yahoo.com)

If you forget your parental control password don’t waste your time by reloading
the game. The first step is to going to the game directory for example
“C:GamesDuke3D” and look for the file named “DUKE3D.CFG” first you must make
a copy of this file for backup reasons and then open it with WordPad. Now goto
the line saying “Environment = “XXXXXX”. The “XXXXXX” is your password, just erase
the word in between and put in your own password. Leave it blank to ears password
completely. Example to putting in your password… Environment = “SPIKERULES” …
save the file and exit and enjoy the parental fun.

Submitted by: Spike-101

This is a cheat to make the weapons stronger and more sophisticated the first
thing in doing this is go to the game directory example “C:GamesDuke3D” and
look for the file named “USER.COM” now make a copy and then open it with WordPad.
Goto the line which says “MISC GAME SETTINGS”. Now look just below that there are
many different options, some have mostly numbers. Change those numbers to your
amount and save. Play game and enjoy. If any problems during game play or if you
don’t want the cheats on anymore delete the file “USER.COM” and take the file
you copied to the same directory.

Level codes:
Use the following entries with the “dnscotty” code.

105 (Boss)
209 (Boss)
309 (Boss)

Maximum health and ammunition:
Use a text editor to edit the “user.con” file in the game folder. Find the “MAXHEALTH”
or “MAXPLAYERHEALTH” entry and change “100” to “9999”. Find the “MAXAMMOFORPISTOLS 100”
entry and change it to “MAXAMMOFORPISTOLS 500”.
Do the same for the other weapons in the file.

Go up to a mirror and press 1. Duke will have a gun in his hand. If you click the mouse
or press [Ctrl], he will punch.

Secret level:
Go to the Hotel Hell level and go to the fountain by the pool. Step through the waterfall,
then go behind a bush. You will see a radioactive waste sign like the ones that mark the
end of a level, except it is gray. It will take you to the secret Freeway level.

Revive from death:
At any point in the game upon dying, do not press [Action] to restart the level as
instructed. Instead, enable the dnkroz code. You will be revived right there on the spot.
The code will remain active until you type it again to shut it off.

See Through The Eyes of Your Opponent:
Start a modem game, then go to the Options screen and switch record ON. Now start a game,
and press “K” at any time to see through the eyes of your opponent.

Beat the First Boss:
This is a very easy way to defeat the first episode boss. Inside the room the boss is in,
there are two tripwires. One closes the door, the other brings the boss. When you walk
in turn around so youre facing the door. When the door starts to close, use steroids to
run past it. Now you can open the door and it wont close. Trigger the boss and run behind
the shelfs for cover. Hopefully he will follow you out the door. Duck down and shoot his
head. He is too stupid to run away.

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