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Dungeon Hack Cheats

Dungeon Hack

Cheat Codes:
In Dos, type: set aesop_diag=1
Now start the program with HACK as a parameter and now you have:

Key Result
[A] – Destroys all monsters.
[T] – activates text mode.
[I] – you can go through walls, doors and windows.
[O] – practise magic and get new items.
[X] – Gain a level.
[F1] – Toggle reduced decoration.
[F2] – Change floor and ceiling texture.
[F3] – Changes wall texture on level.
[F4] – Change floor color/ceiling texture.
[F5] – Change color of wall texture.
[F6] – Change all texture/color settings.
[F7] – Move player one floor down.
[F8] – Moves player one floor up.
[F9] – Display game stats; poisons player.
[F10] – Outline level in automap.

Once cheatmode has been enabled by SET AESOP_DIAG=1, these keyboard
keys also have effects. Most of these codes also display game
information and code which may or may not be of any use to casual players.
Use of any cheats in dungeon hack may cause the game to crash(albeit rarely),
so be careful!

Code Effect
F6 – Changes all the texture/color settings on a level.
F4 – Changes color of floor/cieling textures on level(can get funky!)
F5 – Changes color of wall textures on level.
F2 – Changes floor and cieling textures on level.
F3 – Changes Wall textures on level.
F9 – Displays some game info, but poisons player.
F7 – Moves player one floor down. (like falling down a pit but harmless)
F8 – Moves player one floor Up.
F10 – Outline of level in automap, similar to finding a map in game.
F1 – Toggles reduced decoration -takes decoration off walls

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