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Dungeons 3 – Famous Last Words Cheats

Dungeons 3 – Famous Last Words

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Follow these steps to enable the cheat console.
Locate the game’s main folder.

(for example: C:UsersyournameAppDataRoamingKalypso MediaDungeons 3)
Note: To find it easier – Hit the windows key and search
%appdata% then navigate to ./Kalypso MediaDungeons 3config.cfg

In this directory there is a document “config.cfg”.
Open this file with Notepad and add the following entry:

Debug.EnableCheats = True

This will enable the cheat console.
Press ` or ~ tilde (the key above TAB) in game to bring up the cheat menu.
Then we start a game and click tilde ` or ~ button (above “TAB”, left of “1”)
and we will see a big clickable menu of cheat options:

Code Effect
SetCreaturesInvulnerable – All your fighters and heroes are now immortal and
deal huge damage.
FillWorkshop – If you’ve built a workshop, it will fill it with
stacks of boxes (trap/door materials).
FinishAllResearch – Researches all possible research projects. This will
give you all available rooms, traps and level up
your heroes.
AddEvil – Sets evil points to 10000.
AddGold – Sets gold to 10000.
AddMana – Sets mana to 10000.
SpawnHero – Spawns a generic “enemy” hero on the viewed location.
SpawnSuperCreature – Summons a super soldier (usually an Ork) with
humongous HP and damage.

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