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Dusk of the Gods Cheats

Dusk of the Gods

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When you are carrying some crucial items and get killed. You will be brought
back to Valholl WITHOUT those items. They will remains on the ground at the
position you were killed. So, you’ll need to go back and get them but there
is an exception to this: if you get killed in the sea, you will be able to
keep the item since you can’t drop anything in the water. This provides a
quick and dirty way to get back to Asgard.

Armor Class:
The ratings from least effective to the most effective are:

1. unarmored
2. well-clad
3. safe guarded
4. well-protected
5. stoutly clad
6. rugged
7. mighty
8. shielded
9. reinforced
10. fortified
11. iron-clad
12. steel plated
13. unyielding
14. impervious
15. invincible

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