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DX-Ball 2 Cheats

DX-Ball 2

Update by: Robert-Michael

Cheat Mode:
While in game play type eureka. Music will confirm your code
entry. Press one of the following keys to activate the
corresponding cheat function.

Function Key
Advance to next board [Right]
Return to previous board [Left]
Advance to last board in set [Down]
Return to first board in set [Up]
Pause game play P
Toggle MIDI music [F5]
Disable music [F6]
Random power-up

Level Select:
During gameplay, type eureka. You will hear a fanfare
and the cheats are now active. Press the Left or Right
Arrow keys to go forward or backward, and Up or Down Arrow
keys to change board sets. Press any other key for a random

Submitted by: kylash

after applying the cheatcode “eureka”,during the gameplay
press ‘space’ to get any desired power blocks.

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