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Dyscourse Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy “Shady Business Practices” achievement:
Find the following three pieces of evidence.

Clipboard: Join Jolene after the pretzels are stolen by the boar.
The clipboard can be found in the western part of area where you
fought the boar.

Duct tape: Join Garrett to find fresh water. After Garrett hits his
head on the tree, take the duct tape found above the tree.

Bus part: Have cat with you. Feed Garrett in the cave then you should
check outside with him. The cat will follow Garrett. When outside,
search the plane wreck to the south.

Easy “Electric Snake” achievement:
Look for water with Garrett on Day 3. Have Garrett collect then water.
When he becomes stuck in the mud, have him throw his Gamebrick to the

Easy “I Needed An Adult” achievement:
Look for water with Garrett on Day 2. Have him collect the water and
make him panic when he gets leeches. He will hit his head on a tree
and become unconscious. The next day, help Teddy build a signal and
leave Garrett on his own. When you return, Garrett will get injured
by a snake.

Easy “Military Issue Border Vehicle” achievement:
On Day 5 when you leave to search for food, travel to the right side
of the map. Follow the cut down trees to reach a military base. Enter
it and look at the purple truck at the top middle of the map.

Easy “Nice Kitty” achievement:
Find shelter when it begins to rain on Day 3. When the jaguar attacks
Jolene, hold George back and fight the jaguar yourself. You will lose
your arm to the jaguar at the end of the fight.

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