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EA Sports Cricket 2009 Cheats

EA Sports Cricket 2009

Submitted by: Venkatesh

If u cant take wickets with the fast bowlers, then try this!! place the
target behind the stumps using a spin bowler. Place a fielder in deep
fine leg.give full pace to the ball and the wicket is yours.

BEST shots:
Submitted by: Prabhash

(This is for right hand batsman.Do opposite for left hand batsman)

1.When doing batting,if the ball comes to first wicket press
Left+Down+Shiftkey+D – It will be absolutely a four or six.
(Please see the fielding of opponent team before hitting this shot)

2.If the ball comes to legs press left+Shiftkey+D.Itw will go far and a six.

3.If the ball comes to mid wicket,press Down+Right+Shiftkey+D.It always
go to six.

If any cheat don’t work contact coolprabhash.chandra@rediffmail.com

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