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Earth 2150 – Lost Souls Cheats

Earth 2150 – Lost Souls

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Himanshu

Don’t type “I_wanna_cheat”.It turns your screen upside-down. I found some
cheats in the console of this game. Just press enter and type console. help.
It will give you the list of codes.

I don’t know how to activate them. If anyone finds a way, pl.let me know.

-=Some of the codes are=-
int Mybrainisfaster(void)
int Byebye(void)
int Shower(void)
int Hide(void)
int Hereyouare!(void)
int Smash(void)

etc. You can view other codes by the console. help command.

Cheats mode:
Submitted by: DeathKnight

Press Enter. Type Cheater 1 (Activate cheats), then type any of the following

Code Result
Cheater 1 – Enable cheat mode
Cheater 0 – Disable cheat mode
mybrainisfaster 1 – Faster research
limit_up # – Limit goes up # of levels (enter number)
moneyfornothing # – Free money (enter number)
byebye – Instant loss
Shower – Meteor shower
Tromaville – Damage all visible enemies
gohome! – Destroy selected building
smash – Destroys everything in sight
judgementday – Kill on visible enemies
Sciencefornothing – Free research
beautifulmoon 1 – Show full map
hotground – Plant mines
hereyouare! – Show all enemies
hide – Enable fog of war
moonlight – Disable fog of war
nobelprize – Research everything

Upside down screen:
Submitted by: conner54

Press [Enter] then type I_wanna_cheat and press [Enter] again.

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